12 Timeless kitchens

by SheKnows
Jul 1, 2013 at 4:09 a.m. ET
This country home-inspired kitchen is modernized with certain features like the rod iron bar stools.

1/11 :Breakfast nook

This cozy countertop is made complete with these chic and plush seat cushions.

2 /11: Windows are the eyes of the kitchen

2/11 :Windows are the eyes of the kitchen

Capitalizing on a kitchen's window features will serve you well when wanting to expand its size.

3 /11: It's all in the details

3/11 :It's all in the details

The colored, paneled ceiling and art deco light fixtures put a unique, yet timeless, spin on this kitchen.

4 /11: Mixing textures

4/11 :Mixing textures

It's OK to mix patterns and textures, as long as they're gentle and follow a similar color palette.

5 /11: Peachy palette

5/11 :Peachy palette

Using soft tones and subtle patterns makes for a welcoming kitchen.

6 /11: Fancified cucina

6/11 :Fancified cucina

Incorporating a chandelier into a kitchen provides the perfect amount of classic romance.

7 /11: Brick, always a number-one pick

7/11 :Brick, always a number-one pick

Using brick as a backsplash transforms an otherwise urban look into a cozy feel.

8 /11: Rustic warmth

8/11 :Rustic warmth

Woodwork and warm hues are best complemented by tones found in nature, such as green.

9 /11: A no-noise, turquoise kitchen

9/11 :A no-noise, turquoise kitchen

The subtle touch of a soft shade of turquoise brings this otherwise neutral kitchen to life.

10 /11: A white canvas kitchen

10/11 :A white canvas kitchen

This chic, all-white kitchen is brightened up without the need of excess color.

11 /11: Classic contrast

11/11 :Classic contrast

The contrast of dark wood against the vanilla cabinets creates the perfect bit of warmth.