Straw Bale Style

by SheKnows
Apr 21, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. ET
After months of intensive planning and labor, Brittany and Russ Hopkins completed their perfect straw bale home. "I laugh a little though," Brittany said, "because Russ and I have two very different styles."

1 /9: Earthy and chic

1/9 :Earthy and chic

"I lean more toward earthy, shabby and unique," Brittany said...

2/9 :His take

..."but Russ leans more industrial," Brittany said.

3 /9: Better together

3/9 :Better together

"It's fun to see how the elements have come together. Our main room features antique, cozy furniture and plants mixed with contrasting black, red, white and chrome," Brittany said.

4 /9: Functional floor plan

4/9 :Functional floor plan

"At 1,200-square feet, the floor plan works great for entertaining," Brittany said. "Guests can sit at the bar..."

5 /9: Or the tables

5/9 :Or the tables

"...or our awesome table," Brittany continued...

6 /9: Room for guests

6/9 :Room for guests

"...or anywhere, really," Brittany concluded. The Hopkins' home has room for all, even Eva, their beautiful Border Collie.

7 /9: Special concerns

7/9 :Special concerns

"One minor con is that we've got to be aware of our walls more so than a 'regular' home," Brittany explained. "We can't just put holes in the wall anywhere."

8 /9: Quiet and cozy

8/9 :Quiet and cozy

"We highly recommend living in a straw bale home," Brittany said. "Everyone is always so stunned by how quiet and 'organic' it feels."

9 /9: Local and reclaimed

9/9 :Local and reclaimed

"Our interior doors are all reclaimed as well," Brittany said. "I sanded them a bit here and there to pull out the colors from previous layers of paint."