Closet organization

by SheKnows
Mar 28, 2013 at 3:33 p.m. ET
Organizing your closet doesn't always have to be big. As Amy from shows us, her closet is organzed using a bookshelf and striped curtains. Pink boxes with white tags keep her shoes in place and easy to reach. Folded clothes and hats on the top, keep her small closet organized and well kept. Get Amy's organization technique by maximizing space in a small closet with the use of a bookshelf for items that do not need to be hung.

1 /9: Simplicity in the South

1/9 :Simplicity in the South

This linen closet from Tricia from is an organizer's dream. Utilizing a round bin in a bright print, Tricia placed her spray bottles in the center of her closet. Below, Tricia avoided any annoying towel disorganization by stacking her towels in between wire racks. Using craft paint, Tricia spray painted these whicker baskets white with a red cross sign to hold other linens. Get her look by using various prints for stand out closet style.

2 /9: Lookie What I Did

2/9 :Lookie What I Did

Missy from took organizing her accessories to a whole new level. Using a pegboard and a few other tools, Missy created a great space for hanging her hats, scarves, and headbands. Get Missy's closet by making your own accessory station. Choose a place in the closet that is both easy to access and see.

3 /9: A Bowl Full of Lemons

3/9 :A Bowl Full of Lemons

This closet is an organized haven of clothing, purses, accessories, and more. Toni from has done a wonderful job separating her clothes from her husbands, but utilizing floral boxes and stacking her transparent shoe boxes underneath her pants. Toni's purses and accessories resemble a work of art as they hang from a large keg board on her exposed walls. Toni mentions in her blog that she has everything from electronic equipment to undies organized in this closet!

4 /9: Love of Family and Home

4/9 :Love of Family and Home

Pretty in pink with gorgeous grey lattice wallpaper, Tonya from has organized her closet in a very feminine fashion. With a framed chalkboard for notes, organized bins with labels, and shoes displayed for easy viewing and access, this closet is clean and crisp. Organize your closet like Tonya by choosing one shelf for organization, with another item taking up the other shelves. Add a feminine color like pink for extra appeal.

5 /9: Sarah Shah

5/9 :Sarah Shah

Feeling she wanted to turn her closet from frantic to functional, Sarah from decided to makeover her closet. In doing so, she turned her closet into a place of beauty, splendor and functionality with these mannequin jewlery holder's and perfect display of jewlery. Get Sarah's closet style by utilizing shelves as a form of display rather than just storage functionality.

6 /9: Bower Power Blog

6/9 :Bower Power Blog

When Katie from moved, she finally had the Carrie Bradshaw closet she had always dreamed of. And having all of this space meant time to get organized. Using her blogger skills, Katie used shelves and drawers to organize her accessories and never ending clothes collection. Get Katie's look by organizing like items together but still leaving a little bit of room for mess.

7 /9: Creating A House of Grace

7/9 :Creating A House of Grace

Bonnie from has organized her closet to showcase her favorite accessories: purses and shoes. Organized by color, Bonnie has placed her purses in an easy to see, easy to grab spot. In her many drawers and baskets, Bonnie has organized her clothes based on type including yoga pants, scarves, swimsuits, and linens. Get Bonnie's closet by adding more drawers and separating each type of item from another.

8 /9: Pink Toes and Power Tools

8/9 :Pink Toes and Power Tools

Kristen from keeps her daughter's closet clean by using a closet organizer. Utilizing the top space for clothes and baskets for linens, Kristen has designated the lower shelves and closet door for shoes and toys. Get this closet by designating specific areas in the closet for specific things. I.E. stuffed animals are on one shelf, while play doll houses and castles are on another.

9 /9: Handmade Simply

9/9 :Handmade Simply

Jenny from was ahead of the trends when she opted to organize her closet in this chevron pattern. Using a black and teal color scheme, Jenny organized all of her bathroom items by using tags for each bin. In exposed bins, Jenny put easy to grab items like lotions, vitamins, shampoos, etc., and in her closed bins she rolled towels for easy access. Stay organized and trendy like Jenny by choosing a favorite pattern trend of the season and sticking to it.