Fall Front Door Decorations

by SheKnows
Aug 24, 2012 at 3:19 p.m. ET
Emily from DecorChick.com created this fall entryway. Click over to find out which of those pumpkins is actually fake and just how that garland is staying put. (Note: Please pin this image from its original source.

1 /11: Beyond the wreath

1/11 :Beyond the wreath

Wreaths aren't the only thing you can hang on your door. Check out these other beautiful fall ideas, courtesy of Sarah, Thrifty Decor Chick. She uses simple containers and fall florals to make her doors ready for autumn.

Sarah at thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com

2 /11: Front door mummy

2/11 :Front door mummy

For a fun, simple way to decorate your front door for Halloween, turn it into a mummy with white crepe paper. Get the tutorial and all the details at Honey & Fitz.

Dina from honeyandfitz.blogspot.com.

3 /11: Fabulous fall wreath

3/11 : Fabulous fall wreath

Lori from thriftydecormom.blogspot.com shows us how we can make an inexpensive fall wreath. She starts with a simple wreath form, a few leaf picks and a bag of little pumpkins and gourds. She throws in some acorns that she picked up at Walmart for just $3.

4 /11: Dollar store wreath

4/11 : Dollar store wreath

You don't have to spend a bundle to buy a wreath. You can make one of your own for just a few bucks. Armed with a glue gun and leaves from the dollar store, Thrifty Decor Chick shows us how to make this incredible fall wreath.

Sarah at thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com

5 /11: Fall front porch

5/11 :Fall front porch

Gourds, pinecones and other fall touches add a beautiful element to the windowsill on this front porch. Check out the other photos of Beth's porch and front door at HomeStoriesAtoZ.com. The front door is highlighted by a beautiful autumn wreath from Costco, of all places.

6 /11: Easy fall wreath

6/11 :Easy fall wreath

Using fall garland that you can get from Michael's or other craft stores, you can make a beautiful and inexpensive wreath. Check out the tutorial on how to make this easy wreath at VanessaChristenson.com.

7 /11: Haunted front doorway

7/11 :Haunted front doorway

Shelley of TheHouseofSmiths.com shares her homemade Halloween decorating ideas. Click over to see what was bought, made and thrifted!

8 /11: Scarecrow on the porch

8/11 :Scarecrow on the porch

You don't need much to give your front porch an autumn update. Bales of hay, a scarecrow and pumpkins get this porch ready for fall.

CC 2.0 License - Fishpick, Flickr

9 /11: Mixing flowers and gourds

9/11 :Mixing flowers and gourds

Lindsay, from The Cottage Home, shares a photo of her idea of the perfect fall entryway. Click on over to see the detail shots and an amazing pumpkin-adorned trelis idea. Photo courtesy of The Cottage Home.

10 /11: Fall fabric strip wreath

10/11 :Fall fabric strip wreath

Janet from Cul de Sac Chic decorates her front door for fall with a DIY fabric strip wreath. Click over to see how she did it. Hint: It's really easy!

11 /11: A Southern-style front door

11/11 :A Southern-style front door

Rhoda of Southern Hospitality Blog shares a picture of her neighbor's fall front door. Click on over to see the rest of the front porch complete with rocking chairs, just as you'd expect from a welcoming southern porch. Photo courtesy of Southern Hospitality.