Minimalist bathrooms

by SheKnows
Sep 29, 2011 at 3:33 a.m. ET
Lighting reigns supreme when creating a soothing space, making sconce lighting a favorite in minimalist bathrooms. Using sconce fixtures in strategic places fills a room with a soft light that can’t be created by most overhead lights.

1 /9: Inspired by nature

1/9 :Inspired by nature

Basking in natural settings is another important element of minimalist design. The wall of windows brings the outdoors inside and bathes the room in natural light.

2 /9: Geometric shapes

2/9 :Geometric shapes

Mixing and matching geometric shapes gives a minimalist bathroom a modern feel. This curved counter, rectangular mirrors and round sinks all blend together to make a clean but interesting design. Note the wall sconces that create a soft light in the room

3 /9: Modern minimalist

3/9 :Modern minimalist

This bathroom blends the two simple colors of black and white for a crisp, fresh feel. Big windows give natural light and the glass doors on the shower help add to the open feel of the room. Notice the elegant added touch of the black crystal chandelier.

4 /9: Unique fixtures

4/9 :Unique fixtures

Minimalist bathrooms generally boast unique sinks, cabinets and tubs that practically turn a bathroom into a work of art. Faucets generally are attached to walls instead of counters or sinks.

5 /9: Splash of color

5/9 :Splash of color

This minimalist bathroom not only features the comfort of natural stone and wood, but it softly surprises with a splash of color over the sinks. This unexpected blue tile wall stands out without ruining the overall sense of serenity.

6 /9: Serene lighting

6/9 :Serene lighting

Neutral tones with natural light from windows give a minimalist bathroom its soft and serene feel. With the right lighting, even a small bathroom like this one can feel open and inviting.

7 /9: Open spaces

7/9 :Open spaces

Even with the dark walls, this bathroom with the bright, white fixtures feels large and airy. The shower without walls is truly a freeing experience.

8 /9: Natural elements

8/9 :Natural elements

The minimalist bathroom is comprised of natural elements like stone tile, wood cabinets and floors and soft hues to bring a sense of serenity to the room. Having an uncluttered space, like on the cabinet and shelves, also adds to the peacefulness of the bathroom.

9 /9: Cool color schemes

9/9 :Cool color schemes

Most colors in minimalist bathrooms are inspired by nature for a calming effect and this cool blue is no exception. A cool color like this brings the serene feel of the ocean into the bathroom.