Ugliest bathrooms - Is it time for a makeover?

by SheKnows
Sep 29, 2011 at 3:08 a.m. ET
If your wallpaper makes you dizzy, it’s time to redo your bathroom walls. This bathroom could easily be brought up-to-date by taking down the wallpaper and painting the walls a soft color, and replacing the pink toilet seat with a new white one. A new light fixture and curtains for the window would also add fresh style to this room.

1 /9: Dark and dreary

1/9 :Dark and dreary

This bathroom has the luxury of space, yet it is so dark you may find yourself walking into walls. A new cabinet, countertop and sink is a must– with all this room why not add a double sink? The dark blue paint at the top of the room shrinks down the height of the room. Repaint with a lighter color all the way to the top or tile the walls half-way up and top off with paint.

2 /9: Disco revival

2/9 :Disco revival

Unless you are the disco queen, you need to redo this bathroom counter space. You may be able to save the cabinet, but the countertop and sink has to go. Redo the walls with a softer wallpaper or paint color and change out the light fixture for one that won’t blind you. Watch for details like choosing cabinet pulls to match your new faucet.

3 /9: Thank goodness for paint

3/9 :Thank goodness for paint

The bad news is that this bathroom is too scary to use. The good news is that paint color can be easily changed. Even if you can’t stand the tub tile, it will look considerably better if you use a softer paint color on the walls. Adding a decorative shower curtain that hides the tub area would be a big plus, too.

4 /9: Confusing color scheme

4/9 :Confusing color scheme

Pink wallpaper, light yellow shower tile and dark blue cabinets just don’t add up to a color-coordinated bathroom. You may be able to make the yellow tile work by ditching the curtain, adding a glass shower door, and then painting the walls and cabinets softer colors that actually blend together.

5 /9: Blinded by yellow

5/9 :Blinded by yellow

Too much of a good thing is just that– too much! This bathroom needs a total redo from the tile to the tub to the sink and countertop. Maybe next time try for softer tile and a blend of colors instead of sticking to only one favorite.

6 /9: Pink disaster

6/9 :Pink disaster

Pink is pretty for flowers and little girl’s hair ribbons but it doesn’t belong on bathroom fixtures. This space needs a new vanity cabinet with a granite or marble countertop. Detail it with an updated bronze faucet. Add a new medicine cabinet over the sink and a cream or white toilet and this pink disaster will blossom from ugly to beautiful.

7 /9: Wild tile

7/9 :Wild tile

This tile design may have looked good to someone once, but now it has to go– as well as the pink fixtures and countertop. A new bathtub is a must as well as updating the wall tile to a softer color and adding a glass door to the shower stall. The floor and countertop also need updating. New wall tile is available in many decorative designs without looking so wild.

8 /9: Back to the 70's

8/9 :Back to the 70's

This bathroom needs to be brought out of the 70's and into this century. It’s time to toss out the harvest gold toilet and tub, multi-color carpet and the plastic walls and wicker shelf. A new white or cream tub and toilet, ceramic tile for the floors and walls and a decorative shower curtain will bring this 70's bathroom back to the future.

9 /9: Over-the-top theme

9/9 :Over-the-top theme

Having a theme for your bathroom is nice, but not when it turns the bathroom in to a dark hole. If bright colored tile is your thing, try limiting it to one accent wall and painting the rest of the room a more neutral color. A clear shower door would also help to lighten a dark bathroom. If in doubt, tone it down.