Bright Kitchens

by SheKnows
Sep 28, 2011 at 5:37 p.m. ET
Soft colors, white cabinets, big windows and a high ceiling give this kitchen a light and airy feeling while the wood countertops and floor add the right amount of warmth. Everything about this bright kitchen invites you to sit down and stay awhile.

1 /9: Futuristic Style

1/9 :Futuristic Style

Wouldn’t the Jetsons have loved this kitchen? Everything in this kitchen says bright from the stainless steel floor-to-ceiling cabinets and counter trim to the neon blue lighting around the island.

2 /9: Subtle Light

2/9 :Subtle Light

You don’t need the shock of color to create a bright kitchen. The natural light from the wall of windows highlights the soft look of the washed oak cabinets. The shiny white backsplash tiles as well as the bright blue countertops add a splash of color to this soft kitchen.

3 /9: Pop of Color

3/9 :Pop of Color

White cabinets and countertops are beautiful but when you add the pop of color from the bright blue tiles, you turn plain into spectacular. The natural light from the windows as well as the glass-front cabinets are also elements that brighten this kitchen.

4 /9: Luscious Lime

4/9 :Luscious Lime

Color is certainly one of the best ways to brighten a kitchen. The smooth, glossy surfaces of the table, floor and counters, and the mixing of bright lime and yellow and the big, glass window work together to brighten this kitchen.

5 /9: Seeing Red

5/9 :Seeing Red

The clean lines of this minimalist-look kitchen mix functionality with creative design. The glossy red paint, sleek surfaces and clutter-free look are what make this a bright kitchen.

6 /9: Rich Color

6/9 :Rich Color

Shades of yellow in the cabinets, countertops and on the walls blend with the yellow-hued lighting to brighten this kitchen. The redwood accents as well as the brightly colored accent pieces bring a pop of color and added charm to his sun-kissed kitchen.

7 /9: Sleek and Shiny

7/9 :Sleek and Shiny

Dark colors do not necessarily make a room dark. Sleek countertops and shiny stainless steel appliances along with natural light from the windows make this contemporary kitchen a bright kitchen.

8 /9: Soft Hues

8/9 :Soft Hues

Even a kitchen done in soft, soothing hues can be considered a bright kitchen. The stainless steel sinks and appliances and shiny granite countertops add bright elements to the antique white cabinets and beige tile backsplash.

9 /9: Sleek Modern

9/9 :Sleek Modern

Different elements add up to creating a bright kitchen. The white cabinets are not the only feature that turns this kitchen bright but also the stainless steel elements, glossy surfaces and minimalist-style cabinets.