Modern kitchen ideas

by SheKnows
Sep 28, 2011 at 5:26 p.m. ET
Even though modern kitchens tend to feature stark color palettes, that doesn't mean you can't add color with your accessories. Choose a single color to make your kitchen pop, and use that color on chairs, small appliances, or as a component of your tableware.

1 /9: Design hidden storage

1/9 :Design hidden storage

The modern kitchen is defined by its sleek and seamless style. Adding cabinetry and drawers that hide away when closed is the perfect way to update your kitchen.

2 /9: Go green

2/9 :Go green

One modern kitchen idea is to go green... literally. Bright lime green is as popular today as avocado green was in the 70's. While you may not want to buy lime green appliances, replacing several of your cabinet doors or buying lime green accessories will give your kitchen an instant update.

3 /9: Jazz up your walls

3/9 :Jazz up your walls

You may cringe when you hear the word "wallpaper," but one way to jazz up a kitchen is to apply modern wallpaper to one of the walls. Unlike wallpaper of the past, self-adhesive wallpapers like Tempaper are easy to apply and easy to remove allowing you to modernize your kitchen in a single afternoon.

4 /9: Bright and light

4/9 :Bright and light

To give your kitchen that modern and clean feeling, focus on a light color palette in white, grey and soft brown.

5 /9: Rustic minimalism

5/9 :Rustic minimalism

Juxtapose wood cabinetry against stainless steel fixtures and you'll immediately create a modern but rustic kitchen.

6 /9: Create a custom backsplash

6/9 :Create a custom backsplash

Who says your backsplash needs to match your counters? Add personal panache to your modern kitchen with a custom backsplash made of extra large tile or glass mosaics.

7 /9: Sink your sink

7/9 :Sink your sink

Oversized, sunken sinks are a popular and practical modern kitchen update. Not only are they great for washing dishes and filling pots, they just look sleek and cool.

8 /9: Use vents as art

8/9 :Use vents as art

Vent hoods no longer need to look boring. Modern kitchens feature stove vent hoods that make a statement and work as a piece of art.

9 /9: High-tech design

9/9 :High-tech design

The sleek black glass commonly found on TV stands and entertainment centers is now a popular look for modern, high-tech kitchens. Update your kitchen with cabinetry featuring stainless steel fixtures and black glass doors.