Kitchen decor ideas

by SheKnows
Feb 28, 2011 at 5:21 p.m. ET
Yellow kitchens are fresh and fun! This bright yellow looks great with contemporary walnut cabinets.

1 /11: Old-fashioned kitchen style

1/11 :Old-fashioned kitchen style

This country-style kitchen features a furniture-style island, a large restaurant range (with potfiller and large hood), wooden cabinetry, and a distressed tile floor. (Work by

2 /11: Family-friendly white kitchen

2/11 :Family-friendly white kitchen

In California, this family-friendly kitchen has grey marbled countertops, a farmhouse sink, a restaurant-style range, and a rack to hang pots and pans. (Work by

3 /11: Modern kitchen with blue & steel

3/11 :Modern kitchen with blue & steel

This apartment features a modern blue and stainless steel kitchen.

4 /11: White & grey kitchen

4/11 :White & grey kitchen

White thermofoil kitchen cabinets with grey granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

5 /11: Apartment kitchen remodel

5/11 :Apartment kitchen remodel

A small kitchen remodel featuring marble countertops and a breakfast bar for an apartment in San Francisco, California. (Work by>)

6 /11: Apartment kitchen remodel

6/11 :Apartment kitchen remodel

Kitchen in shades of green and stainless steel accents, with tiled backsplash and flooring and two skylights

7 /11: Stainless steel kitchen

7/11 :Stainless steel kitchen

A retro-modern kitchen with multiple stainless steel surfaces and black/grey accents. The back wall features cabinetry with built-in appliances, and a sink workspace.

8 /11: Glass kitchen cabinet doors

8/11 :Glass kitchen cabinet doors

Replacing a few kitchen cabinet doors with windowed doors makes the room seem larger, helps mix up the textures in the kitchen, and also provides you the opportunity to show off some of your kitchenware and glasses!

9 /11: Country kitchen

9/11 :Country kitchen

This country-style kitchen features a tumbled marble tiel backsplash, wooden cabinetry, a farmhouse sink and a contrasting-colored cabinet for storing plates. (Work by

10 /11: Artistic kitchen

10/11 :Artistic kitchen

This bold and artistic kitchen features colored concrete countertops and a hand-tiled, wave-pattern backsplash and window surround. (Kitchen remodel by

11 /11: Upscale country kitchen

11/11 :Upscale country kitchen

With nearly black marble countertops, this cheerful upscale kitchen features trends like a wine rack and tumbled marble tile, with a touch of country style to make it warm and inviting. (Kitchen remodel by