Best outdoor plants for fall

by SheKnows
Oct 12, 2010 at 2:58 p.m. ET
Enjoy the vibrant reds of this beautiful Autumn tree. Nothing screams fall like a red Maple.

1 /9: Spider Lilies

1/9 :Spider Lilies

You'll be charmed by the many little leaves, heads and stems of these playful flowers.

2 /9: Soldiago crown of rays

2/9 :Soldiago crown of rays

The brilliant yellow and thick foliage is sure to captivate any gardener.

3 /9: Pansies

3/9 :Pansies

Playful, colorful and easy to plant, these little buds will add a bit of character to your otherwise heavenly Eden.

4 /9: Peonies

4/9 :Peonies

Watch these graceful flowers emerge and bloom into many different colors. The contrast of the dark green leaves against the vibrant petals is breathtaking.

5 /9: Russian Sage

5/9 :Russian Sage

These are very easy to grow become more vibrant as the season progresses. Plant them near a white or creamy flower for a beautiful contrast.

6 /9: Geranium Sanguin

6/9 :Geranium Sanguin

The long stem and leaves combined with the perfectly circular center and pedals make this the idyllic flower for winter.

7 /9: Siberian Iris

7/9 :Siberian Iris

Any color Iris is beautiful, but these purple and yellow beauties are the perfect palette.

8 /9: Pitcher Plants

8/9 :Pitcher Plants

They're unique, colorful and the eat insects! What's not to love?

9 /9: Coleus

9/9 :Coleus

This plant grows in any season but the beautiful colors look best in autumn.