Laundry Room Ideas

by SheKnows
Oct 1, 2010 at 12:54 a.m. ET
Give new meaning to the phrase "clean as a whistle" when you install elfa in your laundry room. Choose from a variety of components, from Drawers that help sort and organize lights and darks to Shelves for storing detergent and other laundry essentials.

1 /13: Platinum elfa Laundry Center

1/13 :Platinum elfa Laundry Center

Create the ultimate organized laundry room with elfa. elfa Ventilated Shelves maximize the wall space above your washer and dryer for storing supplies, keeping items neat and easy to access.

2 /13: White elfa Laundry Closet

2/13 :White elfa Laundry Closet

You'll look for any excuse to do the wash when your laundry room is well organized with elfa. Ventilated Shelves provide generous storage space for linens and cleaning supplies.

3 /13: Platinum elfa Laundry Room

3/13 :Platinum elfa Laundry Room

Drawers help sort and organize lights and darks; Shelves store detergent and other laundry essentials. A Closet Rod provides a place to drip-dry clothes and hang pressed garments to keep them wrinkle-free.

4 /13: Laundry Center Organization System

4/13 :Laundry Center Organization System

This wall-mount system from Brookstone organizes and keeps potentially harmful chemicals and cleaning agents out of children's reach in your laundry room.

5 /13: Laundry Room Cabinet System

5/13 :Laundry Room Cabinet System

The all new laundry room cabinet system by Costco will help you keep your laundry room clean and organized. This system features 2 overhead wall-mounted storage cabinets designed to fit above your washing machine and dryer and a storage tower cabinet for maximum space utilization.

6 /13: Laundry Workstation

6/13 :Laundry Workstation

Outfit your laundry rooms with the wonderfully convenient and helpful 18" Laundry Workstation Set by pegRAIL. This wall mounted shelving and hangbar set can be placed nearly anywhere in your washer and dryer room so that laundry accessories will always be easily within reach

7 /13: Laundry Room Organizer Kit

7/13 :Laundry Room Organizer Kit

This laundry room organizer kit from Linens n Things comes in durable, all-steel construction will not warp, fray, crack.

8 /13: All-in-One Box Organizational Solution for the Laundry Room

8/13 :All-in-One Box Organizational Solution for the Laundry Room

This all-in-one organizational system is available from Target.

9 /13: Spacious Laundry Room

9/13 :Spacious Laundry Room

This spacious laundry room was created by California Closets.

10 /13: Cheerful Laundry Room

10/13 :Cheerful Laundry Room

This cheerful laundry room was created by California Closets.

11 /13: All Wood Laundry Room

11/13 :All Wood Laundry Room

This all wood laundry room was created by Closets by Design.

12 /13: Custom Build Laundry Area

12/13 :Custom Build Laundry Area

This all custom laundry room was created by The Custom Closet.

13 /13: Organized Laundry Room

13/13 :Organized Laundry Room

The design in white by Contemporary Closets includes hanging, shelving, upper cabinets, a basket and a hidden fold out ironing board.