Cool Closets

by SheKnows
Oct 1, 2010 at 12:53 a.m. ET
This maple closet organizer system from makes the most of a reach in closet with an angled ceiling.

1 /14: Reach in Closet with Curtains

1/14 :Reach in Closet with Curtains

From California Closets, this system features slanted shoe shelving, raised panel drawer fronts and a four drawer unit to maximize the space available, so that the closet serves the purpose of a dresser as well as a place for hanging clothes.

2 /14: Reach in closet

2/14 :Reach in closet

This reach in closet systems by make limited spaces seem larger

3 /14: Teen Reach in Closet

3/14 :Teen Reach in Closet

From California Closets, this system features funky floor-to-ceiling Ecoresin doors.

4 /14: Walnut & White

4/14 :Walnut & White

Stunning wood elfa décor shelves beautifully store your accessories while elfa hanging drawers and closet rods keep clothing perfectly organized and easy to access.

5 /14: Birch & White

5/14 :Birch & White

Your closet has never looked so good - or been so organized with this Elfa system from The Container Store.

6 /14: Fun & Fashionable

6/14 :Fun & Fashionable

Create a customized closet with elfa that's as fun and fashionable as the clothes and accessories stored in it.

7 /14: Freestanding Walk-In Closet

7/14 :Freestanding Walk-In Closet

The elf freestanding closet has a touch of natural beauty so not only is your closet functional, it's gorgeous, too!

8 /14: Girls' Reach In Closet

8/14 :Girls' Reach In Closet

Create a customized closet with elfa that's as fun and fashionable as the clothes and accessories stored in it. The strength and flexibility this system will take your child from toddler to teen to college.

9 /14: Out-of-Season Closet

9/14 :Out-of-Season Closet

Create an extra closet anywhere with the Elfa Freestanding Closet Unit. It's ideal for use in an attic, basement or spare room to create storage for out-of-season garments.

10 /14: Reach-In for Small Space

10/14 :Reach-In for Small Space

With limited closet space, this custom reach-in closet from is useful when organizing a small closet. Add a drawer tower organizer and customized shelving for extra storage.

11 /14: Showcase

11/14 :Showcase

Create a organization display piece to showcase your shoes, jewelry, hat boxes, towels, and accessories. This system is available from

12 /14: Island Storage System

12/14 :Island Storage System

This customized island organizer for extra storage and style in a walk-in closet. It is available from

13 /14: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

13/14 :Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

This beautiful walk-in closet from is ideal for someone who is looking for extra storage with a customized island and a useful shoe rack organizer.

14 /14: Dressing Room

14/14 :Dressing Room

This custom dressing room from is loaded with tons of shelving, pull- out baskets, shoe racks, a hamper, and many other storage accessories.