Country Homes

by SheKnows
Oct 1, 2010 at 12:46 a.m. ET
This country sun porch features beautiful french doors.

1 /14: Modern Country Kitchen

1/14 :Modern Country Kitchen

This country home features a beautiful, modern kitchen and dining room.

2 /14: Log Home Kitchen

2/14 :Log Home Kitchen

This open floor plan log home features a modern kitchen.

3 /14: Country Home Living Room

3/14 :Country Home Living Room

This country home features a stylish living room and dining room.

4 /14: French Country Kitchen

4/14 :French Country Kitchen

This spacious kitchen is decorated in a French Country style.

5 /14: Texture & Tile

5/14 :Texture & Tile

This warm country kitchen features a variety of textures.

6 /14: Log Home Living Room

6/14 :Log Home Living Room

This log cabin living room features a stylish and comfortable leather couch.

7 /14: Country Home with Open Floor Plan

7/14 :Country Home with Open Floor Plan

This country home is given a modern twist with a modern floor plan.

8 /14: French Pastry Table

8/14 :French Pastry Table

A french pastry table is the perfect accent to a French Country dining room.

9 /14: Rustic Living Room

9/14 :Rustic Living Room

This rustic country home features a beautiful and ornate fireplace.

10 /14: Three Season Portch

10/14 :Three Season Portch

This beautiful country home features a three season porch with sweeping views.

11 /14: Nature and Light

11/14 :Nature and Light

This spacious log cabin features beautiful outdoor lighting.

12 /14: Cabin on the lake

12/14 :Cabin on the lake

This beautiful log home has sweeping views of a lake.

13 /14: Cottage Log Interior

13/14 :Cottage Log Interior

The living of this log home features both a rustic and soft look.

14 /14: Log Cabin Bathroom

14/14 :Log Cabin Bathroom

This log cabin features a cozy bathroom.