Shabby chic bedrooms

by SheKnows
Feb 17, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. ET
Shabby chic can extend into your bathroom, as well. An old dresser can be turned into a shabby chic vanity.

1 /12: Shabby Chic Curtains

1/12 :Shabby Chic Curtains

Floral curtains are a must in a shabby chic bedroom.

2 /12: Shabby Chic Bedroom for Girls

2/12 :Shabby Chic Bedroom for Girls

Perfect for a growing girl, this handcrafted solid wood furniture can be dressed up or dressed down. Available at

3 /12: Shabby Chic Bed

3/12 :Shabby Chic Bed

White bedding on a white bed is a hallmark of a shabby chic bedroom.

4 /12: Shabby Chic Mirrors

4/12 :Shabby Chic Mirrors

Three aged mirrors hung behind this bed make a great shabby chic headboard.

5 /12: Shabby Chic Headboard Idea

5/12 :Shabby Chic Headboard Idea

Another shabby chic headboard idea, these old shutters and window frames are hung with strands of pearls.

6 /12: Shabby Chic Living Room

6/12 :Shabby Chic Living Room

White is an important element in creating a shabby chic space. It is also a great backdrop for accents like these blue hydrangeas.

7 /12: Lily Juliana Chandelier by Rachel Ashwell

7/12 :Lily Juliana Chandelier by Rachel Ashwell

Replace your boring lighting with a crystal chandelier for a shabby chic look. This chandelier can be found on

8 /12: Savior Dining Table by Rachel Ashwell

8/12 :Savior Dining Table by Rachel Ashwell

This shabby chic dining table is designed by the creator of shabby chic, Rachel Ashwell,

9 /12: Shabby Chic with Turquoise Accents

9/12 :Shabby Chic with Turquoise Accents

According to, the three must-haves of shabby chic design are 1) distressed furniture, 2) slipcovers, 3) florals, 4) old rugs and 5) mismatched pieces.

10 /12: Shabby Chic Baby Bedding

10/12 :Shabby Chic Baby Bedding

This vintage floral set is available at

11 /12: Shabby Chic Meets Beach Theme

11/12 :Shabby Chic Meets Beach Theme

Muted colors and shabby chic design work well for a beach-themed room, too.

12 /12: Shabby Chic Can Be Green, Too!

12/12 :Shabby Chic Can Be Green, Too!

Shabby chic room themes can be reversed by using anitque white only as an accent and using larger areas of accent color, like this soft green wall. Notice how the antiqued dresser ties in both the white furniture and the green wall.