Red, yellow & orange themes

by SheKnows
Feb 1, 2010 at 4:08 p.m. ET
A bedroom decorated with a sunny yellow color

1 /52: Country Greeting - Foyer

1/52 :Country Greeting - Foyer

Simple color choices with key accessories that reflect the color used on the walls creates a harmonious space in this mudroom. Paint by Dutch Boy.

2 /52: Restful Surroundings - Girl's Nursery

2/52 :Restful Surroundings - Girl's Nursery

Dutch Boy Kid's Room paint is perfect for little noses. The low-odor formula dries quickly and is non-toxic. Paint by Dutch Boy.

3 /52: Imagination at Play - Girl's Nursery

3/52 :Imagination at Play - Girl's Nursery

This room is designed to enchant and delight your child. Paint by Dutch Boy.

4 /52: Border Town - Boy's Bedroom

4/52 :Border Town - Boy's Bedroom

The use of a border adds interest to this room by creating an architectural horizon. Paint by Dutch Boy.

5 /52: Ready to Play - Playroom

5/52 :Ready to Play - Playroom

The bright yellow and orange color scheme in this playroom encourages play and exploration. Paint by Dutch Boy.

6 /52: Tea for Two - Girl's Bedroom

6/52 :Tea for Two - Girl's Bedroom

This tea party is a burst of color with sun-kissed yellow walls, vibrant pinks and corals, and touches of fresh blue. Paint by Benjamin Moore.

7 /52: Giddy Up - Boy's Bedroom

7/52 :Giddy Up - Boy's Bedroom

Round up a Western theme using classic antique elements. Walls of rich red and leathery brown combined with a warm beige ceiling create a cozy Western ambiance. Paint by Benjamin Moore.

8 /52: Color Outside the Lines - Boy's Bedroom

8/52 :Color Outside the Lines - Boy's Bedroom

Bright colors—warm orange and a sunburst ceiling—spark creativity. Add an explosion of bright blue, green, and red and it’s just like opening up a new box of crayons! Paint by Benjamin Moore.

9 /52: Big Top - Boy's Nursery

9/52 :Big Top - Boy's Nursery

With balloons large and small floating up to a bright red ceiling, this room is reminiscent of an afternoon at the circus. The popcorn yellow walls and soft green accents bring balance to the big top fun! Paint by Benjamin Moore.

10 /52: Country Dining - Dining Room

10/52 :Country Dining - Dining Room

Sitting in the dining room should always be a special occasion. The casual-yet-elegant look is accomplished through mix-and-match Iced Tea and Desert Hot Springs paint colors. Paint by Valspar.

11 /52: Ocean Breeze - Dining Room

11/52 :Ocean Breeze - Dining Room

Wicker chairs chat amiably with creamy yellow painted walls in this seaside dining room. Sheer white curtains keep this scheme airy and light. Paint by Valspar.

12 /52: Stimulate Your Mind - Foyer

12/52 :Stimulate Your Mind - Foyer

Orange is a dominating color in nature. Using this color for a workspace creates a productive environment. Paint by Dutch Boy.

13 /52: Red living room sofas

13/52 :Red living room sofas

A red and yellow living room with squared shapes as a recurring design motif

14 /52: Red canopy bedroom decor

14/52 :Red canopy bedroom decor

A bedroom with deep red designs and a canopy

15 /52: Bright orange bedroom decor

15/52 :Bright orange bedroom decor

A bedroom with bright orange decor with throw pillows

16 /52: Red and green bedroom decor

16/52 :Red and green bedroom decor

A bedroom with green and red decor

17 /52: Red and purple bedroom decor

17/52 :Red and purple bedroom decor

A bedroom with bold striped red and purple decor

18 /52: Yellow bedroom decor

18/52 :Yellow bedroom decor

A bedroom with striped yellow decor

19 /52: Orange and white bedroom decor

19/52 :Orange and white bedroom decor

A bedroom with orange and white decor

20 /52: Red and yellow bedroom decor

20/52 :Red and yellow bedroom decor

A bedroom with red and yellow design accents

21 /52: Dark brown and red bedroom decor

21/52 :Dark brown and red bedroom decor

A masculine bedroom with brown furniture and red decor

22 /52: Orange dining room

22/52 :Orange dining room

An orange dining room with brown accents

23 /52: Orange living room

23/52 :Orange living room

An orange living room with red accents

24 /52: Orange living room

24/52 :Orange living room

A modern orange living room with yellow accents

25 /52: Bathing suite - Bathroom

25/52 :Bathing suite - Bathroom

Seaside wall paint make this bathroom open and emotionally uplifting. Note light the Lady of the Lake paint color on both the sideboard and the freestanding claw-foot tub. Paint by Valspar.

26 /52: A stunning first impression - Entryway

26/52 :A stunning first impression - Entryway

The first view of your home is what people remember, so add such impressive decorating touches as a checkered pillow and a vintage coat rack. Paint by Valspar.

27 /52: Warmth - Living Room

27/52 :Warmth - Living Room

Here are living room paint colors that exude warmth. Its tasteful use of a bright red paint is dramatically offset with the white mantelpiece. Patterned drapes add an alluring highlight. Paint by Valspar.

28 /52: Light and Color

28/52 :Light and Color

When selecting a paint color, take into consideration the effect that lighting will have (both artificial and natural).

29 /52: Color and Space

29/52 :Color and Space

In small spaces, pick one key color and run with it in various forms (accent wall, rug, accessories).

30 /52: Light and Color

30/52 :Light and Color

When selecting a paint color, take into consideration the effect that lighting will have (both artificial and natural).

31 /52: Bold Color and Fabric Wallpaper

31/52 :Bold Color and Fabric Wallpaper

Mix a bold yellow with DIY fabric wallpaper which can be easily removed and swapped out without doing damage to the wall.

32 /52: Red Walls & White Molding

32/52 :Red Walls & White Molding

White picture frame molding gives this bold red room a classic touch.

33 /52: Open Floor Plans and Color

33/52 :Open Floor Plans and Color

Use color to delineate rooms in an open floor plan. In this apartment, a bold red paint is used to separate the foyer from the living room.

34 /52: Red Accent Wall

34/52 :Red Accent Wall

Add a bit of drama to a room without going overboard by painting an accent wall red.

35 /52: Light and Color

35/52 :Light and Color

When selecting a paint color, take into consideration the effect that lighting will have (both artificial & natural). Before you commit to a color, buy a sample size of paint and test areas throughout the room.

36 /52: Lemon and Lime

36/52 :Lemon and Lime

Use two colors with similar hues to create a harmonious environment, like in this yellow and lime room.

37 /52: Light and Color

37/52 :Light and Color

When selecting a paint color, consider the effect that lighting will have (both artificial and natural). Before committing to a color, buy a sample size of paint and test areas throughout the room, and evaluate in morning, afternoon and evening.

38 /52: Inspiration from Fabric

38/52 :Inspiration from Fabric

Not sure where to begin when redecorating your bedroom? Start by finding a bedspread that you love and then find a matching paint color. Most retailers will even mix a custom color for you from a sample.

39 /52: Yellow Kitchen

39/52 :Yellow Kitchen

Yellow kitchens are fresh and fun! This bright yellow looks great with contemporary walnut cabinets.

40 /52: Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

40/52 :Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

Paint kitchen walls and cabinets the same color for a unique look.

41 /52: Rustic Lodge - Living Room

41/52 :Rustic Lodge - Living Room

The massive stonework hearth exerts all the gravitational pull in this high-ceilinged rustic living room. The Cabin Red paint wall colors show off the light stone and pale woodwork. Paint by Valspar.

42 /52: Lodge retreat - Bathroom

42/52 :Lodge retreat - Bathroom

The rich clay wall paint plays against the white chair rail and ivory claw foot tub. The soft warm glow of the period light fixtures puts the final touch on this interior decorating idea. Paint by Valspar.

43 /52: Dining in Comfort - Dining Room

43/52 :Dining in Comfort - Dining Room

It's back to basics in this dining room. Paint colors and strong wood furnishings convey a sense of warmth and comfort. Instead of hanging pictures, try leaning them. Paint by Valspar.

44 /52: Eating in Style - Kitchen

44/52 :Eating in Style - Kitchen

Here are kitchen paint colors that make it a pleasure to prepare meals. A checkered backsplash highlights the country cottage interior design. Paint by Valspar.

45 /52: Let in the Sun - Living Room

45/52 :Let in the Sun - Living Room

Bright, cheerful colors bathe this room in a glow accentuated by the natural light from the generous corner window. Paint by Dutch Boy.

46 /52: Punch Up the Color - Bedroom

46/52 :Punch Up the Color - Bedroom

If you plan on using a pure, vibrant color in your bedroom, it's key to have the right primer on hand to ensure excellent coverage. Paint by Dutch Boy.

47 /52: Simple Style - Bedroom

47/52 :Simple Style - Bedroom

The combination of yellows and purples creates a sophisticated and welcoming environment. Paint by Dutch Boy.

48 /52: Powder Room Posh - Bathroom

48/52 :Powder Room Posh - Bathroom

A soft, subtle color, broken up with tile or a chair rail in crisp white and mahogany accents, creates a sophisticated look in a small space. Paint by Dutch Boy.

49 /52: Hippety Hop - Bathroom

49/52 :Hippety Hop - Bathroom

Blue, orange and green create a cheerful and playful color scheme - perfect for a child's bathroom. Paint by Dutch Boy.

50 /52: A Cheerful Wake-up Call - Bathroom

50/52 :A Cheerful Wake-up Call - Bathroom

A bright color with crisp, white trim and accents opens up the bathroom space and welcomes the most reluctant early riser. Paint by Dutch Boy.

51 /52: Light and Color

51/52 :Light and Color

When selecting a paint color, take into consideration the effect that lighting will have (both artificial and natural).

52 /52: Feng-Shui Colors

52/52 :Feng-Shui Colors

The bedroom is a place for relaxation and love, so be sure to choose warm, feminine colors in the decorating scheme for your bedroom, such as burgundy, red, purple and pink. As a plus, warm colors are thought to have a soothing effect.