Living & family room ideas

by SheKnows
Feb 1, 2010 at 3:53 p.m. ET
This retro lounge inspired living room features lime and eggplant accents with light cream walls.

1 /59: Mustard

1/59 :Mustard

Create a warm and inviting living room with a bold pop with mustard seating in an otherwise neutral color scheme.

2 /59: Black and cream

2/59 :Black and cream

Choosing an overall color palette and add it in various ways- from the wallpaper, to the curtains, to the accents.

3 /59: Lime and zebra

3/59 :Lime and zebra

Go bold! Show your flair with brightly colored seating and paint and a wild rug!

4 /59: Modern lines

4/59 :Modern lines

This living room features very sleek and modern lines. From the rectangular wall architecture, to the couches, to the table.

5 /59: Colored stripes

5/59 :Colored stripes

For a toned down room with just the right amount of color, opt for an easily-changed-out bright striped rug in a neutral room.

6 /59: Mix textures

6/59 :Mix textures

Mix and match fabric textures with cloth couches, wicker chairs and sheer windows.

7 /59: Warm and inviting

7/59 :Warm and inviting

If you are looking for a warm design, chocolates and teals are a perfect scheme. The perfect scheme for rooms with inviting wood floors and tall light-flowing windows.

8 /59: Orange

8/59 :Orange

Make you living area fun and bright with a tangerine orange sectional and non-traditional lighting.

9 /59: Big and comfortable

9/59 :Big and comfortable

Creating a comfortable room, even if your space is limited, with plenty of pillows and greenery.

10 /59: Versatile ottoman

10/59 :Versatile ottoman

Make any living area more functional with a big ottoman. Perfect to use as additional seating or as a table.

11 /59: Black, White, and Tan

11/59 :Black, White, and Tan

This black, white, and tan living room collection is available at Ikea.

12 /59: Books Galore

12/59 :Books Galore

Snag this studios living room at

13 /59: Great Room

13/59 :Great Room

Furniture pieces and accessories for this living room are at Ikea.

14 /59: Curved Couches

14/59 :Curved Couches

Curved couches, like this one from Ikea, are good choices for smaller rooms.

15 /59: Family Traditions

15/59 :Family Traditions

This look by Crate & Barrel is proof that a room can be both sophisticated and family-friendly.

16 /59: Home Cinema

16/59 :Home Cinema

Created with the movie-loving couple in mind, this room by Crate & Barrel is centered around entertainment.

17 /59: Color Therapy

17/59 :Color Therapy

Ceylon yellow, golden pear. Deep olives and cerulean aqua. Using a sophisticated designer's palette against clean white walls, this look from Crate & Barrel epitomizes the eclectic collector's mix-and-match style.

18 /59: New Old Home

18/59 :New Old Home

Carefully curated, just a few strong pieces can bring out the modern sensibility of an older home, contrasting the room's traditional architecture with new perspective. Snag this look at Crate & Barrel.

19 /59: Modern Comfort

19/59 :Modern Comfort

An airy, modern retreat for the city-dweller, this room from Crate & Barrel is focused around the plush Domino Sectional whose three easy pieces can configure to any floor plan or space.

20 /59: Keep It Casual

20/59 :Keep It Casual

The soft, stonewashed 100% cotton on this Create & Barrel Axis Sofa gives it the lived-in, laidback feel of your favorite pair of jeans.

21 /59: Two's Easy

21/59 :Two's Easy

Sit back, relax with family and friends, and put your feet up…on the double in this room from Crate & Barrel.

22 /59: Dexter Collections

22/59 :Dexter Collections

This collection from Bloomingdales features a modern spin on mid-century styled furniture.

23 /59: Country Home

23/59 :Country Home

This sweet country family room collection is available at Pottery Barn.

24 /59: Conversation Piece

24/59 :Conversation Piece

The five piece Skylar modular sectional from Bloomingdales is the ultimate conversation piece. It's oversized, stylish, and comfortable for ten to twelve people.

25 /59: Aspen Collection

25/59 :Aspen Collection

The Aspen collection from Bloomingdales, available in fabric or leather, is a great transitional piece to start building your room around.

26 /59: Plasma Wall Unit

26/59 :Plasma Wall Unit

This wall unit for your extra large plasma tv is available at Bloomingdales.

27 /59: Mix and Match

27/59 :Mix and Match

Modern style goes mix and match in this collection from Macy's. Choose fresh, sophisticated solids for your space or accent it with bursts of color and vibrant stripes.

28 /59: Metro and Retro

28/59 :Metro and Retro

Classic button-tufting and a sloped-arm design add vintage appeal to this collection from Macy's.

29 /59: Fashion-forward

29/59 :Fashion-forward</