Bathroom decorating ideas

by SheKnows
Jan 29, 2010 at 6:50 p.m. ET
Colors of the ocean are always a great way to build a tranquil ambience.

1 /74: Polka Dot Teen

1/74 :Polka Dot Teen

Accessories for this polka dot themed bathroom are available at

2 /74: Blue beach glass

2/74 :Blue beach glass

Buy it at Pottery Barn.

3 /74: Patterned Tiling

3/74 :Patterned Tiling

Make a small stand out with unique tile patterns.

4 /74: Decorate!

4/74 :Decorate!

Ornate decor, low maintenance plants and floral towels make any bathroom look luxurious.

5 /74: Color

5/74 :Color

Bold colors are stylish and fun.

6 /74: Contrast

6/74 :Contrast

Bold contrasts in color and decoration look modern and sleek.

7 /74: Organize

7/74 :Organize

Keep the bathroom organized with unique shelving and storage

8 /74: Unique Mirror Cabinets

8/74 :Unique Mirror Cabinets

Buy it at Ikea

9 /74: Go girlie

9/74 :Go girlie

Decorate with black and white patterns and feminine accessories for a princess-like atmosphere

10 /74: Zebra toilet seat cover

10/74 :Zebra toilet seat cover

11 /74: Tile the Walls

11/74 :Tile the Walls

Give it a Mediterranean ambience with tiled walls.

12 /74: Bamboo bath caddy

12/74 :Bamboo bath caddy

Tribal sets found at a variety of stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond.

13 /74: Tribal Sets

13/74 :Tribal Sets

Tribal sets found at a variety of stores such as Chiasso.

14 /74: Antique furniture

14/74 :Antique furniture

Shop at local thrift and antique stores or buy at Pottery Barn.

15 /74: Decorate your throne in style

15/74 :Decorate your throne in style

16 /74: Crate and Barrel Shower Curtain

16/74 :Crate and Barrel Shower Curtain

17 /74: Duckies

17/74 :Duckies

Bright color and rubber duckies are a simple and fun way to decorate a bathroom for a little boy or girl.

18 /74: Personalize

18/74 :Personalize

Personalize shelving and decorations with hand-painted names or cute phrases

19 /74: It's a jungle out there

19/74 :It's a jungle out there

Make the bathroom a jungle of fun--or any theme for that matter-- with bathroom accessories collections that match the wallpaper.

20 /74: Get crafty

20/74 :Get crafty

Kids won't notice if their bathroom wasn't decorated by a professional. Get crafty with decorations, accessories and textiles that are personal to your children's interests.

21 /74: Formal bathroom cabinetry

21/74 :Formal bathroom cabinetry

California home with molded wood cabinetry and marble flooring. (Photo courtesy Steve Price at )

22 /74: White, grey and black

22/74 :White, grey and black

California home with marble tile and wood mouldings. (Photo courtesy Steve Price at )

23 /74: Warm, stylish master bathroom

23/74 :Warm, stylish master bathroom

California home with wood flooring, spa-style sink cabinet and simple but elegant decor. (Photo courtesy Steve Price at )

24 /74: Spa-style bathroom

24/74 :Spa-style bathroom

California bathroom with spa-style sink cabinetry (Photo courtesy Steve Price at )

25 /74: Double Sink

25/74 :Double Sink

Combining vintage charm with modern-day functionality, this double sink console features a white Cararra marble countertop and matching white painted finish. It is available at Pottery Barn.

26 /74: French Country

26/74 :French Country

This bathroom collection from Pottery Barn features a bureau-like sink, organic floral linens and a metal accent table.

27 /74: Vintage Charm

27/74 :Vintage Charm

This collection from Pottery Barn combines vintage charm with modern-day functionality.

28 /74: Antique French

28/74 :Antique French

This focus of this collection from Pottery Barn is the antique French console in a striking shape.

29 /74: Indie Vibe

29/74 :Indie Vibe

This bathroom collection from Ikea has an indie and urban feel.

30 /74: Drawer Organization

30/74 :Drawer Organization

These drawer organizers from Ikea are perfect for makeup, brushes and jewelry.

31 /74: Pebble Mat

31/74 :Pebble Mat

Bring a bit of Zen into your bathroom with this pebble bathmat from

32 /74: Bamboo Accessories

32/74 :Bamboo Accessories

This Intricately pieced, eco-friendly bamboo accessory collection from Crate & Barrel glows with a warm, natural finish.

33 /74: High Gloss Accessories

33/74 :High Gloss Accessories

These high-gloss white earthenware accessories in modern shapes have a clean spa appeal. This collections is available at Crate & Barrel.

34 /74: Retro Glass Accessories

34/74 :Retro Glass Accessories

These handblown glass canisters with nesting lids update a classic apothecary look. This collections is available at Crate & Barrel.

35 /74: Houndstooth Accessories

35/74 :Houndstooth Accessories

Houndstooth is a true classic! This bathroom accessory collection is available at

36 /74: Hammered Metal Accessories

36/74 :Hammered Metal Accessories

The paradigm metal accessories for the bath are crafted using a traditional method immensely popular in the 19th century. This collection is available at Macy's.

37 /74: Garden Bathroom Accessories

37/74 :Garden Bathroom Accessories

Bring the grace of your favorite garden into your bathroom with the Rosefan bath accessories, available at Macy's.

38 /74: Bring Nature Indoors

38/74 :Bring Nature Indoors

t's always springtime with Chirp bath towels and accessories, available at Macy's.

39 /74: Nautical Theme

39/74 :Nautical Theme

Steer your decor on a nautical course with the Harbour Lights bath collection, available at Macy's.

40 /74: Custom Towels

40/74 :Custom Towels

These customized towels for kids are available at

41 /74: Daisy Garden Kids' Bathroom

41/74 :Daisy Garden Kids' Bathroom

Get this bathroom look at

42 /74: Kids' Pirate Bathroom

42/74 :Kids' Pirate Bathroom

Get this pirate themed bathroom look at

43 /74: Dr. Seuss Bathroom

43/74 :Dr. Seuss Bathroom

Get this Dr. Seuss themed bathroom look at

44 /74: Kids' Jungle Bathroom

44/74 :Kids' Jungle Bathroom

Get this jungle themed bathroom look at

45 /74: Teen Camo Bathroom

45/74 :Teen Camo Bathroom

Accessories for this camo themed bathroom are available at

46 /74: Floral Teen Bathroom

46/74 :Floral Teen Bathroom

Accessories for this floral bathroom are available at

47 /74: Tahitian Teen Bathroom

47/74 :Tahitian Teen Bathroom

Accessories for this Tahitian themed bathroom are available at

48 /74: Paisley Teen Bathroom

48/74 :Paisley Teen Bathroom

Accessories for this paisley themed bathroom are available at

49 /74: Claw Foot Tub in a Modern Bathroom

49/74 :Claw Foot Tub in a Modern Bathroom

A claw foot tub in an otherwise modern style bathroom creates an interesting focal point.

50 /74: Updating Fixtures & Accessories

50/74 :Updating Fixtures & Accessories

If your current bathroom faucet and fixtures look dated or dingy, add a new look with shiny new ones. A new towel bar or shower rack is also an easy way of adding a new look on a small budget.

51 /74: Choosing a Color

51/74 :Choosing a Color

A bright bathroom that receives direct light from a window would look best in a refreshing shade of cool blue or green.

52 /74: Choosing a Color

52/74 :Choosing a Color

Yellows, oranges and reds will warm and brighten up a dark room that receives limited sunlight.

53 /74: Create a Spa Sanctuary at Home

53/74 :Create a Spa Sanctuary at Home

Candles, ultra-plush towels, and a beautifully framed mirror can quickly and easily makeover your bathroom into a personal spa.

54 /74: Beach-themed Bathroom

54/74 :Beach-themed Bathroom

To create the right 'beachy' vibe, use the natural colors of the seashore. Select a paint in a warm sandy color or a cooler hue such as blue, green or even a purple-grey.

55 /74: Homemade Shower Curtains and Towel Ties

55/74 :Homemade Shower Curtains and Towel Ties

Create your own shower curtain tiebacks and towel ties to easily bring a pop of color into your bathroom.

56 /74: Framed Mirror

56/74 :Framed Mirror

Add charm to an ordinary bathroom mirror by placing it within a picture frame.

57 /74: Choosing a Color