Decorating ideas for minimalist bathrooms

by SheKnows
Jan 20, 2010 at 7:58 p.m. ET
Minimalist bathroom with circle mirrors and cube storage

1 /9: Minimaist bathroom shower

1/9 :Minimaist bathroom shower

Minimaist bathroom shower in neutral tones

2 /9: Minimalist bathroom with bamboo and arched mirror

2/9 :Minimalist bathroom with bamboo and arched mirror

Minimalist bathroom with bamboo and arched mirror

3 /9: Beige and white minimalist bathroom

3/9 :Beige and white minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroom with beige blinds and white accessories

4 /9: Minimalist bathroom with red accents

4/9 :Minimalist bathroom with red accents

Minimalist bathroom with red accents, modern sinks and mirror

5 /9: Minimalist bathroom without walls

5/9 :Minimalist bathroom without walls

This minimalist bathroom does without walls -- even for the shower

6 /9: Minimalist sink

6/9 :Minimalist sink

Brick walls and a sink sink make this bathroom minimalist

7 /9: Minimalist bathroom with modern mirror

7/9 :Minimalist bathroom with modern mirror

Minimalist bathroom with modern, slanted mirror

8 /9: White minimalist bathroom

8/9 :White minimalist bathroom

Stark white everywhere defines this minimalist bathroom

9 /9: Brown and white minimalist bathroom

9/9 :Brown and white minimalist bathroom

Dark wood and bright white contrast in this minimalist bathroom