At home with Jane Green

by SheKnows
Mar 3, 2012 at 2:37 p.m. ET
Bestselling author Jane Green welcomes you to her charming and lovely home

1 /12: Front of Jane Green's home

1/12 :Front of Jane Green's home

A closer look at Jane Green's quaint home

2 /12: Jane Green's cozy kitchen

2/12 :Jane Green's cozy kitchen

Jane Green loves spending time with her kids in her cozy kitchen

3 /12: Jane Green's sitting room

3/12 :Jane Green's sitting room

A beautifully designed formally sitting area in Jane Green's home

4 /12: Jane Green's dining room

4/12 :Jane Green's dining room

Formal dining for Jane Green's family and friends

5 /12: Fireside chat at Jane Green's

5/12 :Fireside chat at Jane Green's

Cozy up to a lovely fire in Jane Green's comfortable sitting room

6 /12: Jane Green's formal living space

6/12 :Jane Green's formal living space

Jane Green's elegant formal living space

7 /12: Jane Green's backyard

7/12 :Jane Green's backyard

A great backyard for entertaining family and friends at Jane Green's house

8 /12: Jane Green's stairway

8/12 :Jane Green's stairway

Jane Green's stairway leading up to the second floor in her charming home

9 /12: Jane Green's master bedroom

9/12 :Jane Green's master bedroom

Jane Green's master bedroom is a retreat for this hardworking author and mom

10 /12: Jane Green's relaxing bath

10/12 :Jane Green's relaxing bath

A beautiful master bath adds to the luxury and charm in Jane Green's home

11 /12: Jane Green's southern style porch

11/12 :Jane Green's southern style porch

A perfect charming porch to sit and read at Jane Green's home

12 /12: Bestselling author Jane Green

12/12 :Bestselling author Jane Green

Bestselling author Jane Green who has written several popular novels for women