Functional mirrors

by SheKnows
Oct 16, 2012 at 5:58 a.m. ET
This simple and chic mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally. Home Depot, $40

1 /9: Wood Framed Mirror

1/9 :Wood Framed Mirror

The St. Paul Chelsea 28 inch x 22 inch Framed Wall Mirror is the perfect accent to add a little warmth to your bathroom or any other room in the house. Home Depot, $69.

2 /9: Glass Block Mirror

2/9 :Glass Block Mirror

This unique mirror has a frosted border that allows the wall color to show through. The Deco Block Rectangular Mirror is highly-rated by buyers. Home Depot, $129

3 /9: Napoli Oval Mirror

3/9 :Napoli Oval Mirror

The Napoli 31 x 21" oval mirror from Erias Home Designs is the perfect complement to any decor. It has a simple oval shape and white finish. This mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Home Depot, $60

4 /9: Contemporary Black-Framed Mirror

4/9 :Contemporary Black-Framed Mirror

For something elegant and contemporary for your bathroom, consider the Deco Framed Mirror in black. Home Depot, $70

5 /9: Frameless oval mirror

5/9 :Frameless oval mirror

The Erias Home Designs 22” x 18” Oval Mirror features a frameless design, beveled edges and striking look. Home Depot, $35

6 /9: Solace Beveled Mirror

6/9 :Solace Beveled Mirror

Modern and chic, the Solace 27.5” x 23.5” Black Zen Beveled Mirror is quite a bargain too. Home Depot, $45

7 /9: Austin Framed Beveled Mirror

7/9 :Austin Framed Beveled Mirror

The Austin 36” Framed Beveled Mirror is simply stylish and affordable too. Home Depot, $50

8 /9: Wood Medicine Cabinet and Beveled Mirror

8/9 :Wood Medicine Cabinet and Beveled Mirror

You'll love this practical and chic medicine cabinet with baskets and a beautiful beveled mirror. Home Depot, $129

9 /9: Large Round Mirror

9/9 :Large Round Mirror

A beautiful mirror like this one can make your space look much larger than it is. The USE Nuovo Large Round Mirror is perfectly suited for a contemporary, urban dwelling. Home Depot, $95.