RHONY star Luann de Lesseps' NYC penthouse

by SheKnows
Sep 17, 2012 at 11:05 p.m. ET
LuAnn worked with an interior decorator to find the perfect pieces for living room but says her own simple, elegant style was the main influence.

1 /22: A Little Bravo Love

1/22 :A Little Bravo Love

LuAnn shows love to the network that made her a star with a Bravo accent pillow.

2 /22: LuAnn's Dress Line

2/22 :LuAnn's Dress Line

LuAnn knows how to strike a pose!

3 /22: LuAnn's Dress Line

3/22 :LuAnn's Dress Line

One of LuAnn's many stylish designs is this sexy red dress. She says she loves it because it flatters all body types and is easy for traveling. "You can throw it in your suitcase and it won't wrinkle," said LuAnn.

4 /22: Chess

4/22 :Chess

LuAnn's boyfriend Jacques is teaching her to play chess. "It takes a lot of patience," she told SheKnows. "I'm learning."

5 /22: Entryway

5/22 :Entryway

Come inside and check out LuAnn's comfy place.

6 /22: Victoria's Artwork

6/22 :Victoria's Artwork

LuAnn daughter Victoria is an artist and the Countess proudly displays her daughter's work in her home.

7 /22: Family Room

7/22 :Family Room

An upclose look at LuAnn's blue and white accent pillows and intricate lamps.

8 /22: Details

8/22 :Details

LuAnn picked pieces from all over the globe to decorate her upscale digs.

9 /22: The Upper West Side

9/22 :The Upper West Side

LuAnn's art deco building is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan near the river. She likes to sit in her kitchen and read by the window.

10 /22: Lights

10/22 :Lights

LuAnn turned her fire-less fireplace into an attractive display with decorative rocks and candles.

11 /22: Lips

11/22 :Lips

These large lips give the living room a pop of color. LuAnn says she bought them at one of her favorite home goods stores, Maison 24.

12 /22: Mantle

12/22 :Mantle

Black, white, and bells adorn this mantle in the star's living room.

13 /22: Chess

13/22 :Chess

Chess is just one of several activites LuAnn and boyfriend Jacques like to partake in. The active couple also enjoy tennis, running, and boxing.

14 /22: Living Room

14/22 :Living Room

Light flooding in through the windows gives the loft a dreamy feel.

15 /22: Living Room

15/22 :Living Room

Another look at LuAnn's fabulous living room. The roses, lips, and red accent pillows were intended to give a "romantic" feel, says the Countess.

16 /22: Entryway

16/22 :Entryway

A gorgeous mirror and family photos greet you in LuAnn's entryway. But this display doesn't cost a ton, LuAnn told us the lamps are from T.J. Maxx.

17 /22: Family Photos

17/22 :Family Photos

Pictures of LuAnn and boyfriend Jacques are scattered throughout the penthouse, further proof that rumors of a split between the two are untrue.

18 /22: Dining Room

18/22 :Dining Room

A close up look at LuAnn's dinner table.

19 /22: Dining Room

19/22 :Dining Room

LuAnn's dining room sticks with her elegant theme, with black and white photography above the table and fine bottle of wine on hand.

20 /22: Aston

20/22 :Aston

Meet Aston, LuAnn's Westie. He is full of energy and love!

21 /22: Oy

21/22 :Oy

Oy is a mixed breed recue dog that LuAnn saved from a local shelter.

22 /22: LuAnn's Own Dress Line

22/22 :LuAnn's Own Dress Line

LuAnn modeled this sophisticated purple dress from her upcoming line, telling SheKnows her styles are meant to be "easy, comfortable, and affordable."