The Ultimate Summer Accessory Guide

by SheKnows
Jun 27, 2013 at 2:06 p.m. ET
Brighten up the dinner table with these cheery cloth napkins, $25.

1 /78: Ivory and rose

1/78 :Ivory and rose

Charming ivory and rose bedding designed for a true princess.

2 /78: Cool and cozy

2/78 :Cool and cozy

These casual yet sophisticated ruched comforter and sham are cool and cozy.

3/78 :Frilly white

This frilly white bedding is the ultimate girly girl's dream.

4 /78: Touch of romance

4/78 :Touch of romance

This gorgeous ivory bedding screams classic royality with a touch of romance.

5 /78: His & hers

5/78 :His & hers

How chic are these his and her pillows?

6 /78: Ivory and honey paisley

6/78 :Ivory and honey paisley

This ivory and honey paisley pattern is delicate and timeless.

7 /78: Unique and distrinctive

7/78 :Unique and distrinctive

Unique and distinctive linens by Lili Alessandra.

8 /78: Fresh floral

8/78 :Fresh floral

Fresh floral bedding just in time for summer.

9 /78: Classic chain

9/78 :Classic chain

These luxuory embroidered towels are fluffy and white and will make any cold bathroom feel cozy.

10 /78: Classic stripe bath towels

10/78 :Classic stripe bath towels

Bring a classic nautical theme to your bathroom with sublte colored striped towels.

11 /78: "Parisian diamond" towels

11/78 :"Parisian diamond" towels

The diamond design on these towels will add a chic and elegant vibe to a dull bathroom.

12 /78: Elegant 6 piece towel set

12/78 :Elegant 6 piece towel set

These Kassatex neutral toned towels bring a relaxed and casual look to any bathroom.

13 /78: "Chantelle" towels

13/78 :"Chantelle" towels

These towels make it easy to class up your bathroom with soothing tones and elegant white detail.

14 /78: Floral sculpted bath towels

14/78 :Floral sculpted bath towels

These delicately embroidered towels will ad a beautiful floral detail to your bathroom.

15 /78: Quick dry ripple bath towels

15/78 :Quick dry ripple bath towels

These colorful and highly absorbent towels will had a great splash of color to any themed bathroom.

16 /78: Bath towel pale rose

16/78 :Bath towel pale rose

This soft pale pink towel will add a gentle girly feel to your bathroom.

17 /78: Soft beige

17/78 :Soft beige

These romantic yet soft beige linens will spruce up any master bedroom.

18 /78: Gorgeous grey

18/78 :Gorgeous grey

This gorgeous soft grey linen set is perfect for a true southern bell.

19 /78: Modern gold

19/78 :Modern gold

This modern style bedding and gold shag blanket makes us want to grab a book and jump in bed.

20 /78: White and red square cocktail plate

20/78 :White and red square cocktail plate

At your next party, use this little plate for appetizers, desserts or side dishes, $13.

21 /78: Vintage green floral art cutting board

21/78 :Vintage green floral art cutting board

Get a little bit of zen into your kitchen with this calming green cutting board, $40.

22 /78: Sunflower tile coaster

22/78 :Sunflower tile coaster

Spice up your coffee table with these bright, garden-themed coasters, $13 each.

23 /78: Summer citrus orange lime lemon coffee tray

23/78 :Summer citrus orange lime lemon coffee tray

Serve up your favorite refreshing beverages with this fun tray, $38.

24 /78: Strawberry lemonade tile coaster

24/78 :Strawberry lemonade tile coaster

Use one of these perky coasters to protect your table from water damage. $13 each.

25 /78: Strawberry cutting board

25/78 :Strawberry cutting board

Get excited about summer fruits and add this staple to your kitchen collection, $40.

26 /78: Sandy toes salty kisses cutting board

26/78 :Sandy toes salty kisses cutting board

Keep the beach in mind at all times, and give this cutting board a whirl, $40.

27 /78: Pop up daisy cutting board

27/78 :Pop up daisy cutting board

Channel a little bit of Andy Warhol with this pop art cutting board, $35.

28 /78: Orange chrysanthemum square cocktail plate

28/78 :Orange chrysanthemum square cocktail plate

Showcase your favorite treats on this delightful dish, $13.

29 /78: Luscious stripes coffee tray

29/78 :Luscious stripes coffee tray

Deliver delicious treats to your party guests with this fun tray, $38.

30 /78: Lemon zest and poppy red damask cloth napkins

30/78 :Lemon zest and poppy red damask cloth napkins

Spice up the dinner table with these fun harvest-themed napkins, $38.

31 /78: Grasshopper summer rectangular cocktail plate

31/78 :Grasshopper summer rectangular cocktail plate

Add a touch of summer to your next gathering with this grasshopper dish, $13.

32 /78: 3 Owls cocktail platter

32/78 :3 Owls cocktail platter

Get this cute party platter for $24.

33 /78: Soothing and chic

33/78 :Soothing and chic

We love this soothing and chic grey and white bedding which brings a true femine feel to the room.

34 /78: Modest and modern

34/78 :Modest and modern

Modest and modern, this coral ensemble is the perfect pop of color for a fresh summer time look.

35 /78: Simple and sweet

35/78 :Simple and sweet

We love this simple, all white bedding with two cream coloreed shames for summer time.

36 /78: Chevron bath towel

36/78 :Chevron bath towel

This trendy chevron pattern is all the rage. This design adds fun pops of color and texture to your every day towel.

37 /78: Threshold texture towel set

37/78 :Threshold texture towel set

This lovely 3 piece 100% cotton blend towel set inlcudes a bath towel, hand Towel, and Washcloth.

38 /78: Peace love summertime tile coaster