Eclectic decor

by SheKnows
Nov 18, 2011 at 2:40 p.m. ET
This eclectic bedroom incorporates both old and new elements. The rock wall behind the bed is the focal point, but the traditional bedside lamps and country quilt also make a statement.

1 /19: Blending styles

1/19 :Blending styles

An eclectic room blends several design styles to create a unique combination that looks funky and pulled together.

2 /19: Eclectic color palette

2/19 :Eclectic color palette

Rooms should be grounded with neutral creams, and the rest of the palette can be bold and bright. Don't be afraid to use different patterns to create your eclectic space.

3 /19: Fabulous texture

3/19 :Fabulous texture

An eclectic room features various textures and lines like these soft, tufted couches combined with the rectangular wooden coffee table and geometric stone fireplace.

4 /19: Express yourself

4/19 :Express yourself

An eclectic living room doesn't have to be bright and funky. It just needs to blend at least two decor styles and show a lot of individuality.

5 /19: Eclectic dining

5/19 :Eclectic dining

For an eclectic experience in your kitchen or dining room, ground the room with neutrals and then bring in a mix of various patterns as seen on these chairs, the area rug and window valances.

6 /19: Eclectic dishware

6/19 : Eclectic dishware

Blend two different styles -- such as traditional white china and country farmhouse pieces -- to create an eclectic look in your kitchen.

7 /19: Unexpected elements

7/19 :Unexpected elements

An eclectic kitchen brings in unexpected design elements to create a cohesive look. The result is a interesting room, not a cluttered mess.

8 /19: Playful color

8/19 :Playful color

The green cabinets and black countertops come together beautifully in this eclectic kitchen. Wood furnishings and bold artwork accent the design.

9 /19: Repurposed furniture

9/19 :Repurposed furniture

This rustic kitchen hutch can make its way into other rooms to make an eclectic statement. The living room or even bedroom are good options.

10 /19: Extraordinary elements

10/19 :Extraordinary elements

This handcrafted bathroom vanity has a beachy appeal that will make you feel like you're on vacation every day of the year.

11 /19: Eclectic fabrics

11/19 :Eclectic fabrics

Eclectic decor highlights different types of fabrics. The key is to stick with a main color scheme and then add furniture and accessories in textured solids and prints.

12 /19: Chalkboard wall

12/19 :Chalkboard wall

A chalkboard behind the bed adds a unique design element to this eclectic bedroom. The room comes alive with texture and patterns such as the tufted headboard and various pillows.

13 /19: Statement piece

13/19 :Statement piece

In an eclectic room, pick one statement piece that you love -- like this tiger striped console cabinet -- and then build around it.

14 /19: Bedroom wall treatments

14/19 :Bedroom wall treatments

Dramatic wallpaper, bold artwork or unique paint designs add another dimension to eclectic bedrooms.

15 /19: Vintage touches

15/19 :Vintage touches

Add vintage furniture and accessories to your bathroom to create an eclectic space that you'll love.

16 /19: Combine styles in the bathroom

16/19 :Combine styles in the bathroom

Mix two or more design styles (modern with traditional or country cottage with craftsman) to create an extraordinary, eclectic look.

17 /19: Mix and match

17/19 :Mix and match

Play with a wide variety of patterns and colors to create a unique, eclectic bathroom that is both functional and stylish.

18 /19: Inexpensive upgrade

18/19 :Inexpensive upgrade

A funky shower curtain is a budget-friendly option that can take a basic bathroom from drab to fab.

19 /19: Farmhouse meets modern

19/19 :Farmhouse meets modern

A farmhouse sink doesn't look out of place, even when partnered with modern cabinetry and a funky backsplash.