Traditional decor

by SheKnows
Nov 18, 2011 at 2:24 p.m. ET
The traditional bedroom features a grand headboard and footboard with scrolls, curves and carvings. The room is set off with a pair of bedside lamps and luxurious bedding.

1 /19: Camelback sofa

1/19 :Camelback sofa

The classic camelback sofa is characterized by its short legs, neutral color scheme and rounded-back edge. Tone-on-tone fabrics, larger florals, brocades and simple plaids reflect this look.

2 /19: Perfect pairs

2/19 :Perfect pairs

It's not uncommon for traditional living rooms to feature pairs of everything. In this case, it's a pair of chandeliers, table lamps and cozy chairs.

3 /19: Gilded frames

3/19 :Gilded frames

Large oil paintings in gilded frames are the artwork of choice in a traditional living room.

4 /19: Traditional colors

4/19 :Traditional colors

Mid-range tones that aren't too jarring are ideal for a traditional look that's cozy and inviting. Classic oriental rugs and floor-to-ceiling draperies also highlight this living room.

5 /19: Galley kitchen

5/19 :Galley kitchen

This traditional galley kitchen features simple Shaker-style cabinets and all black appliances. Galley kitchens are classic with American and European characteristics from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

6 /19: Rich wood cabinetry

6/19 :Rich wood cabinetry

Traditional kitchens feature plenty of elegant natural wood cabinets along with classic appliances and accessories.

7 /19: Glass doors

7/19 :Glass doors

Glass door cabinets are often a highlight of traditional kitchens. However, not all your cabinet doors need to be glass -- you want to be able to hide some clutter.

8 /19: Timeless kitchen

8/19 :Timeless kitchen

Though rich woods are popular in traditional kitchens, off-white kitchens are also a timeless look.

9 /19: Traditional living room

9/19 :Traditional living room

Classic wood furniture generally has a mixture of both straight and curved lines. The furniture may have intricate or simple carving as well.

10 /19: Traditional bathroom accessories

10/19 :Traditional bathroom accessories

A simple bathroom can be dressed up with a gilded frame mirror and a pair of classic wall sconces.

11 /19: Traditional wood

11/19 :Traditional wood

Mahogany, cherry and walnut wood are commonly used to create traditional dressers, armoires, nightstands and other bedroom furniture. They feature shell, scroll and floral motifs with carved inlays and accents.

12 /19: Four-poster bed

12/19 :Four-poster bed

A four-poster bed can be the focal point of a traditional bedroom. This bed looks formal, yet comfortable and inviting at the same time.

13 /19: Traditional armoire

13/19 :Traditional armoire

Modern comforts, such as a flat screen TV and DVD player, can be hidden away inside a traditional bedroom armoire.

14 /19: Classic Bedroom Furniture

14/19 :Classic Bedroom Furniture

Traditional-style bedroom furniture is crafted from polished woods with rich finishes. Though some traditional furniture looks lavish, it's also timeless with a charming Old World flavor.

15 /19: Traditional Surprise

15/19 :Traditional Surprise

A 19th century English secretary moves into the bathroom for a surprisingly traditional look. Photo credit: Simon Upton

16 /19: Cherry wood bathroom

16/19 :Cherry wood bathroom

Rich cherry cabinets, a pair of mirrors and floral wallpaper highlight this traditional bathroom with an 18th century flair.

17 /19: Timeless bathroom

17/19 :Timeless bathroom

A traditional bathroom uses classic materials including ceramic tile, marble and rich wood to create timeless style.

18 /19: Claw-foot bathtub

18/19 :Claw-foot bathtub

A traditional claw-foot bathtub can be a refreshing change from many of the modern bathroom fixtures we see in today's homes.

19 /19: Kitchen details

19/19 :Kitchen details

Traditional kitchens often feature ornate carvings, classic chandeliers and a neutral color scheme.