Modern decor

by SheKnows
Nov 18, 2011 at 1:53 p.m. ET
Modern bedrooms don't need to be void of color. A bright blue area rug adds a vibrant touch to this modern space.

1 /19: Pop of color

1/19 :Pop of color

All white furniture is popular in modern decor. However, you should use pillows, lamps and accessories to add a bit of color to your living space.

2 /19: Sleek and slick

2/19 :Sleek and slick

Slick textures, like this glossy coffee table, are a big part of modern, minimalistic decor.

3 /19: Down low

3/19 :Down low

Furniture in a modern living room should be low and modular. You want to bring in plenty of light and not obstruct any of your views.

4 /19: Modern green

4/19 :Modern green

A small space can look fresh and modern with the right furniture, textured walls and unique artwork.

5 /19: So Smooth

5/19 :So Smooth

Lacquered cabinets that are smooth and sleek make their way into the modern kitchen. Experiment with bold colors to make a big statement.

6 /19: Stainless steel

6/19 :Stainless steel

Modern kitchens feature shiny kitchen appliances in stainless steel. This space takes it a step further with the stainless steel countertop.

7 /19: Extraordinary style

7/19 :Extraordinary style

Look for unique design elements to make your kitchen special, like this modern kitchen prep station.

8 /19: Eco-kitchen

8/19 :Eco-kitchen

Eco-friendly materials are brought into the modern kitchen in the form of stone countertops and bamboo flooring.

9 /19: Cozy and modern

9/19 :Cozy and modern

The modern living space doesn't have to be cold. With textured rugs and the right furniture, you can create an inviting, family-friendly living room that is still modern.

10 /19: Eco-chic bathroom

10/19 :Eco-chic bathroom

Eco-friendly design elements are a big part of modern decor. This bamboo vessel sink would be the perfect addition to your modern master bathroom.

11 /19: Elegant simplicity

11/19 :Elegant simplicity

A modern bedroom shouldn't be cold and uninviting. This room features low furniture and straight lines combined with earthy colors for a modern yet warm and cozy appeal.

12 /19: Less is more

12/19 :Less is more

Most modern homes have plenty of windows with minimal furnishings. Low furniture is a big part of modern decor style -- you don't want furniture to block the gorgeous views!

13 /19: Rounding into style

13/19 :Rounding into style

Make your bed the focal point of the room by looking for an out-of-the-ordinary shape, like this round bed.

14 /19: Don't break the bank

14/19 :Don't break the bank

Contrary to popular belief, modern furniture doesn't have to be expensive. Turn to stores like IKEA, where you can find modern pieces at a modest price tag.

15 /19: Simply stylish

15/19 :Simply stylish

The bathroom's vanity is one of its most important decorative and functional features. Look for a modern vanity with a minimalist aesthetic and simple, clean lines.

16 /19: Modern warmth

16/19 :Modern warmth

A modern bathroom features a combination of neutral colors, sleek surfaces and simple designs. You can make the room more inviting by adding a little texture in the form of a warm rug.

17 /19: Let there be light

17/19 :Let there be light

LED lights are one of the more recent additions to modern bathrooms. Waterproof LED lights can have a spectacular effect on the ambiance and mood.

18 /19: Create an oasis

18/19 :Create an oasis

Create a spa-like oasis in your home with a relaxing, modern bathroom. Infuse color into the room so it doesn't look and feel too sterile.

19 /19: Details, details

19/19 :Details, details

Unique pendant lighting and clean barstools are the modern details that set off this kitchen's modern look.