Spookiest plants

Happy Halloween! On this day of tricks and treats, let’s take a look at the spookiest, creepiest plants.

There aren’t too many plants that are truly creepy, at least not ones that we would usually have in our garden. Think outside the window box, if you will, to get into the spirit of this list of Halloween freaky flora. Add them to your Halloween decor, or scare the plants off of a friend for a unique gift this October.


Venus flytrap

venus fly trap

Photo credit: mountainmaterial

You’ll recognize it as the plant the eats flies (and other insects). Its clam-like mouth and spiky teeth are straight out of Little Shop of Horrors. While this plant is native to tropical regions, you can find small ones at some garden stores alongside other houseplants.


Bat flowers

bat flower

Photo credit: tarantulafatale

Flowers are supposed to be colorful and pretty, so not only is a black flower downright unexpected — it’s truly macabre. The Chinese black bat flower is one of the spookiest around, sure to cultivate nightmares. And although truly scary, it’s actually quite the picture of beauty with its large, blooming flowers and dangling stems. Similar to the Halloween queen herself, Morticia Addams.


White baneberry

white baneberry

Photo credit: happy12iz

Imagine a tree covered with creepy doll’s eyeballs, all staring right at you. OK, don’t imagine it; just take in the photo of the white baneberry plant, also known as Actaea pachypoda. Often referred to as doll’s eyes, both the berry and the plant itself are poisonous, potentially causing cardiac arrest and death.


Buddha’s hand

buddha's hand

Photo credit: biancasfoodgasms

The plant is pretty normal and typically used in China and Japan to bring a pleasant fragrance to clothing or the home. However, it looks kind of funny. With a claw-like appearance, you can use this juiceless and seedless fruit for a scarecrow’s hands or hidden under your coat for your own claw-like hand replacement.


Bleeding tooth fungus

bleeding tooth fungus

Photo credit: pretty_kitty_sensei

If there was ever a plant that just ain’t right, it’s the bleeding tooth fungus (also known as Hydnellum peckii). If the name doesn’t get you, the oozing red goo certainly will! The fruit juice is completely safe, but that doesn’t mean it looks any less frightening.


Devil’s claw

devil's claw

Photo credit: annieschap

Just like the name implies, the Devil’s claw can become a devil in anybody’s foot or shoe. Shaped like the horn of a ram or devil, the hooked seed pods disburse seeds when broken or crushed into the ground. With these devilish qualities, we wouldn’t suggest this scary plant to anyone.

And while we know not all of these plants are suitable for the home or as a gift, you can most definitely scare a friend by having a photo or two of these scary creatures up on Halloween night.

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