DIY to-do's: 6 Expert tips for your outdoor project

Jun 27, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. ET

Whether or not you have a natural green thumb, there is no need to fret this summer. The perfect garden space is at your fingertips! Follow these easy DIY tips and create the outdoor oasis you've always desired.



Plan it out

Before you plant your garden, make sure to do a little bit of research. You want to be able to enjoy all of your blooms, so place larger ones in the back of the garden with the smaller ones in the front. You don't want sunflowers to block pansies! Think about what colors you want to showcase in your flower bed, and group similar hues together. Don't be afraid to get creative.


Choose the location

Think about the location of your garden space, as well as the location of the plants themselves. Does your patch of earth absorb sunlight for the majority of the day, or does a tree or roof shade the soil? Choose your types of plants accordingly — not all of them like to be in the sun all day. Don't forget to avoid overcrowding by checking spacing guidelines. The plant labels will provide you with information about watering, sunlight and spacing.


Mix it up

Don't be afraid to mix perennials and annuals in your garden. Perennials will return to your garden year after year — they often bloom in the spring or summer and hibernate in the winter. These small, flowery plants are a great way to add low-maintenance pizzazz to your yard. Annuals, on the other hand, bloom for one season and require replanting in years to follow. Don't be shy! These plants are some of the most colorful garden guests, and they can be spectacular additions to your flower bed.



Everything needs food to grow, and your plants are no exception! Nurture the soil in your garden with a natural fertilizer such as manure, which can be purchased cheaply at your local garden warehouse. However, if the odor is a little too much, try making your own fertilizer out of banana peels, coffee grinds or egg shells.


Use wall space

Your garden isn't limited to covering the ground. Pair vines and an eye-catching trellis to create greenery along walls and soften hard angles. Pinterest has some great ideas to make a gorgeous, inexpensive trellis to showcase your garden's growth.



We take pride in perfecting the small details of our lives, so why not apply that to the garden? When it comes to decorating your flower bed, you're not limited to the gaudy lawn flamingos of the past. Home improvement warehouses and online garden stores offer a variety of accessories, including welded copper pieces, pretty stones and wild-bird feeders to spruce up your space and make the most of your garden.

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