5 Fun boy's room ideas inspired by Hollywood blockbusters

Jul 3, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. ET

Does your son love Ironman and Wolverine? Is he begging you to buy advance tickets to Star Trek, Man of Steel or 42? If so, surprise him with an updated bedroom, decorated to look like his favorite blockbuster hit!

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Does your son love Ironman and Wolverine? Is he begging you to buy advance tickets to Star Trek, Man of Steel or 42? If so, surprise him with an updated bedroom, decorated to look like his favorite blockbuster hit!

These products and decor pieces are inspired by some of our favorite promotional images for some of this summer's biggest blockbusters. Your son's room will definitely be the coolest hangout spot on the block, and you may have other moms asking you, "Where did you get that idea?"


Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Iron man room 1

Show off your kid's impressive Iron Man figurine collection by placing them all in a glass-front bookcase, somewhat similar to Robert Downey, Jr.'s set up. We love this walnut bookcase because it blends in to almost any room. (Overstock.com, $290)

Iron man room 2

Create your own Jarvis at home with this voice-recognition robot! Like the real deal in Iron Man 3, this toy will respond to your voice, knows up to 30 voice commands, will play music and can even "attack!" (Overstock.com, $127)

Iron man room 3

Give your son his own top-secret basement by setting up a few of these metal craft stations in his room — it will be like Tony Stark's man cave. Your son can spend hours creating his own Iron Man! (Overstock.com, $109)


Wolverine 3-D

Wolverine 3D

Wolverine 1

A few of these dividers will not only give your boys a little more privacy in their room, but they'll also replicate the set of Wolverine 3-D! These dividers not only look like the ones in the movie, but they also help with organization, since they come with shelves. (Overstock.com, $200)

Wolverine 2

Since you can't actually give your son the Wolverine, why not give him the second-best thing — a life-size sticker for his bedroom? This peels off easily, so you won't ruin your walls. (Etsy.com, $28)

Wolverine 3

Create an eerie, rainy blue glow in your boy's bedroom by plugging in a few of these blue LED lights. They'll give the room a Wolverine-type glow. (LEDmnc.com, $11)


Star Trek: Into the Darkness

Star Trek: Into the Darkness

Star Trek 1

Turn your boy's room into a futuristic ship, like the ones featured in the new Star Trek movie, by swapping a regular bed for this circular shaped one! Its sleek design makes it chic, and the shape will have your Star Trek-obsessed son ecstatic. (GreatFurnitureDeal.com, $1,185)

Star Trek 2

Tell the time in true 23rd century fashion by adding this futuristic blue LED watch to your son's collection. Not only does it look pretty snazzy on the wrist, but the stand makes it a great decor piece, as well. (eBay.com, $23)

Star Trek 3

Make it look like your bedroom is soaring through space in a tricked-out ship by adding a few of these fun decals above the dresser or bed. They'll make it seem you are soaring alongside other Star Trek ships! (RightToolUSA.com, $36)




Jackie robinson 1

If your son is a huge baseball fanatic, hang this vintage Jackie Robinson jersey (Fanatics.com, $100), just like the one worn in the new movie 42, on his wall! To keep it in pristine condition, place it in a glass case like this one (OpenBoxSavings.net, $47).

Jackie robinson 2

Want to turn your house into a replica of your favorite baseball stadium? Buy this set of wooden stadium seats that came from a real Chicago stadium. (eBay.com, $650)

Jackie robinson 3

You can't have a baseball stadium without a scoreboard, so add this peel-and-stick baseball scoreboard above your son's bed or dresser. It's easy to apply and even easier to remove, and it doesn't add holes to the wall or remove paint. (BabyOliverBoutique.com, $108)


Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Man of Steel 1

Make your house seem like it's a part of the Man of Steel set by hanging one of these extra-large gear and steel clocks on the wall. (Wayfair.com, $94)

Man of Steel 2

Give your son's room a makeover and give him more privacy by removing his traditional bedroom door and placing this steel vault door in its place. It's so strong, it'll keep even the strongest of superheroes out of it! (SafeandVaultStore.com, $3,193)

Man of Steel 3

Swap out the regular lamps in your kid's room with these brushed steel harbor art decor lamps. They'll turn every man cave into one fit for the Man of Steel. (LightingDirect.com, $84)

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