How to streamline your weekly cleaning routine

Stop spinning your wheels in an effort to keep your home spic-and-span. With these streamlined tips, you can pare down your weekly cleaning routine and kick up your heels!

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Step 1: Start a cleaning schedule

Instead of trying to pack a week’s work of housecleaning into one day, Kristl Story of suggests setting aside just 15 minutes every day for cleaning. She adds, “If you tackle one room each day or one task each day, you’ll never feel like a maid again!”

Lauren McCann, rental brand manager and spokesperson for Rug Doctor, adds, “It might not seem like a lot, but taking a little time out of the day to do this will eliminate long, daunting tasks toward the end of the week.”

Andrea Brundage, owner of Simple Organized Solutions (S.O.S.) in Arizona, suggests using a reward to coax the family into pitching in. She says, “Consider a reward at the ?end of the day — like a family bike ride, a picnic or a romp through the sprinklers.”

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Step 2: Keep it together

Your cleaning supplies, that is! Brundage suggests keeping all the cleaning supplies you need in one place, and she reminds to use the correct tools for the job.

She also advises, “Use products that work! Do not scrimp on dollar store or off-brand cleaning products. Inquire at Lowe’s or Home Depot or talk with people who own cleaning companies to find what they use. The extra money you spend will be offset by the amount of time you will save.”

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Step 3: Don’t let food sit on the dishes

Brundage adds, “Food left on plates for long periods of time requires a lot more time to ?clean up. Clean up the dishes after each meal.”

Step 4: Prep materials for next time

Brundage notes that prepping your cleaning materials once you’re finished using them will save you time and effort the next time you need to use them. She adds, “After you have mopped, clean the mop so it is ready for next time. After you vacuum, empty the canister of dirt and dust. Put all cleaning supplies and appliances back in their proper place.”

Step 5: Let go of perfection

Brundage adds that keeping a house full of children and animals will be harder to keep clean, but you just have to accept that. But she says to do the best you can. She adds, “Spit-shined is sometimes sufficient until you can do a more thorough job.”

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