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Apr 23, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET

The closet tends to be the place we dream of being beautifully organized, but no matter how hard we try, it always ends up a mess. We found some of the most organized bloggers to share their secret closet organization tips.

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Sew Many Ways -- closet
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Though we love an organized closet, it can definitely take some work getting it there and maintaining it. We vow to keep it clean, but one day we get in a rush, and before we know it, it looks like a tornado has blown through. With spring cleaning right around the corner, let's make a permanent change and get (and keep) our closets in order once and for all. Two incredible bloggers have shared closet organization tips that will forever change your life.

Karen — Sew Many Ways

Karen of Sew Many Ways doesn't just blog about sewing. She loves quilting, crafting, drinking tea, rearranging furniture and, you guessed it, organizing. Her blog is full of tips and tutorials covering topics ranging from blogging to organizing ribbons and candles. We love her creativity and are so excited she shared the following closet organization tips just for SheKnows readers:

  • The "look" of the space will keep you neat and organized whether you have a small closet or a walk-in closet. It doesn't have to be perfect — like right out of a magazine — but if it's organized, it will make your life so much easier when looking for things.
  • The first step to any organized closet is to clean it out first. Be honest with yourself when asking, "Will I ever wear these pants again?" Donate to charity the clothing you no longer want or that doesn't fit.
  • Organize by season and then by color. To organize by season, long-sleeved shirts go with long-sleeved shirts and short sleeves go with short sleeves.
  • Once you have organized by season, arrange by color within each section. All whites go together, all blacks go together, all grays go together, etc.
  • Invest in "do-it-yourself" closet organizers. They are easy to put together and are inexpensive. Just buy a few pieces at a time, according to your needs.
  • This one may sound crazy, but buy matching hangers. The plastic hangers come in many different colors, so you can match your decor. I purchased black, because I knew it would be available all the time. If your closet looks nice, you'll keep it organized.
  • Invest in the larger wooden hangers for coats. They have wider support areas to protect you coats and jackets.
  • Use labeled boxes, bins or compartments. If it's labeled, you'll be more apt to keep things neat and will have an easier time finding what you want.
  • Use the back of the door for storage — hang scarves, necklaces, ties, belts, etc.
  • Take advantage of the unused space high up on a shelf. Use labeled boxes to store seasonal items. Stack boxes high when you don't use items very often.
  • Take a picture of what's inside each box and use that for a label on the outside.
  • Organize shoes by style and color — black dress shoes, black casual shoes, flip flops, sneakers, boots, etc. If there isn't a spot to spread them out in your closet, organize them in labeled bins or baskets.
  • Organize purses by style and color, too. Store them in labeled bins or hang them on hangers.
Clean and Scentsible -- closet
Photo credit: Clean and Scentsible

Jenn — Clean and Scentsible

Jenn of Clean and Scentsible is a busy mom of two boys with a love of all things crafty and creative. She takes pride in creating, crafting and making her house a home. Her organization skills are one-of-a-kind, and she even has a post on kids' closet organization. For general clothing organization, she recommends:

  • Purge — There's no point spending your money, time and space organizing items that you no longer wear or use. If you haven't used the item in the past year, it's probably time for it to go. Try everything on and make sure that it still fits, you still love it, and you will wear it. If you're having difficulty getting rid of things, it's often helpful to have someone else who is less attached to the items help you out!
  • Create an organizational system — There are a variety of ways that things can be organized, such as by item, color, function (i.e., work clothes, weekend wear, etc.). Group like items together in a way that works for you and the space that you have available. Invest in a good, matching set of hangers. I like wood hangers if you have a lot of space, or slim space-saver hangers for smaller closets. For items that don't need to be hung, bins and baskets provide quick and easy ways to organize things while still keeping everything looking tidy. Search your home for storage pieces, such as a small bookshelf or dresser that is no longer being used, that could fit into your closet for additional storage space.
  • Utilize your space — If you're short on space, make sure you are using all of the space from the floor to the ceiling. You can place bins or shoe racks on the floor to fill up the space between the bottom clothes rack and the floor. You can also install a shelf closer to the ceiling to hold bins or baskets with out-of-season clothing or accessories. Hooks can be used along the sides of the closet to hold purses, scarves, belts, etc., or you can purchase over-the-door storage units. You may also choose to store out-of-season items in another location (such as in slim bins underneath your bed or in space-saver bags).

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