Home makeover tips that reflect your personality

Feb 1, 2013 at 12:31 p.m. ET

Is your living space in need of a facelift? From choosing the right colors to finding a style that represents your uniqueness, it's important to let your personality influence your home makeover.

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"Home space has transitioned passionately over time, from being simple and clean into a possession reflecting the social status of the owner and her personality. We have learned in our society that the way we dress, the lifestyle choices we make and the environment we live in define who we are and reflect our social standing. In this regard, the home design and decor is a reflection on the owner's personality," says Najla Jalal, corporate business director/senior interior designer of Design Magnifique in Winter Garden, Florida.

Makeover tips based on your personality

The dazzling diva

When it comes to style, you're all about making it pop, whether you spent $10 or $1,000. From your clothes to your shoes, you're not one to shy away from loud colors or displaying your glamour gal fashion sense. You embrace being bold and enjoy doing it up big.

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Beautify your home as if it were your closet. If you're a shoe diva, get creative with stiletto furnishings, such as an oversized leather stiletto shoe chair or stiletto shoe pillows or wall calendars. Or hang your clothes in style by storing them in a little black dresser shaped like a little black party dress. Jalal suggests that divas use bright colors; ambient and natural lighting; stylish texture, pattern and material; and focal point design. She also suggests that divas showcase their edgy style and use wall art and lots of accessories.

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The artsy gal

Your afternoon of fun can range from visiting a museum to taking a nature walk. You enjoy the theater and arts and have an appreciation for culture, nature and unique beauty. You value creativity and often mix and match your clothes and accessories to create your own sense of style.

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You don't need to buy expensive paintings to showcase your love for art. If you draw, display your own framed artwork, or create a collage of your favorite photographs and pictures. Use ceramic and novelty wall clocks and tapestry wall hangings to make your rooms pop with style. Opt for eclectic furniture pieces with mixed materials and styles as well as cultural home decor (for example, pillows and statues) to showcase your creativity. Because you love experimenting, choose a variety of color combinations or create a modern, classic look with a stylish black-and-white color scheme. Don't forget to use unique bookcases, accents and lighting fixtures to display your appreciation of beauty and individuality.

The dreamy romantic

You enjoy curling up with a good romance novel, and you've been known to tear up when watching romantic movies like The Notebook. You have a soft spot for classic films and happy endings, and others know you for seeing the glass as half full. You can be sensitive and sometimes wear your heart on your sleeve. Your wardrobe consists of elegant and feminine pieces, including ruffled blouses, pencil dresses and pleated skirts.

Home makeover tips


Design your home makeover through your rose-colored glasses. Invoke warmth and softness through colors and paintings. Jalal suggests that dreamy romantics choose warm colors, glamorous and dark color schemes, and nature-inspired art, as well as soft lighting. If you're a fan of poetry, place poem rugs containing famous French sonnets in your living or dining room area. Display soft pillows and oversized cushions. Opt for vintage and antique furniture to give your home a classic and timeless look. Enhance the romance with flowers and "love" wall decals.

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The cool, calm and collected chick

Often described as laid-back and easygoing, you don't get caught up in emotions and find yourself calm during a crisis. You enjoy quiet moments and steering clear of drama and chaos. Whether you're in a dress or in jeans, you like to be comfortable and enjoy simplicity.

Home makeover tips

wicker basket

Create a peaceful environment by adorning your room with inspirational wall hangings and candles. Because you enjoy open space and extra room, avoid cluttering your area with furnishings and accessories. Jalal points out that less is more for your laid-back persona. Store your magazines and other items in wicker baskets, storage bins and ottomans to expand your living space. Jalal says the cool, calm and collected gal should select earthy tones, as well as neutral-hued home accents.

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