Holly Becker’s fave 2012 decor trends

It’s almost time to break out the champagne and toast to the end of another year. Before we do, let’s reflect on the decor trends of 2012. Design guru Holly Becker recaps her thoughts on this year’s highlights.

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Holly Becker

Holly Becker, author of the bestselling book Decorate: 1,000 Inspirational Ideas for Every Room in Your Home and the just released Decorate Workshop: Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps, shared her thoughts on this year’s decor trends.

Last year Becker, who also pens the adored design blog Decor8, wowed us with her inspiring New Year’s design resolutions. This year she opens up about what’s hot in decorating. (Hint: It’s really not about following trends anyhow.) 

SheKnows: Have you loved the decor trends you’ve seen in 2012, or, not so much?

Holly Becker: Yes, because I believe that running out and trying to take a certain look or duplicate what you see in a catalog isn’t the goal — that it’s all about tapping in to our homes, what we love and need to thrive in them, and doing more with our own hands. And if we do shop, personalizing the things that we buy to make them our own. I love walking into someone’s home when they beam with pride as they explain how they made something or upcycled something… It’s exciting that this way of thinking and doing is finally acceptable to admit. Years ago, it was much cooler to say you hired out or had it made for you or bought it at this or that cool shop. Today, people are taking pride in owning their DIY projects and the fact that they made their own drapes. I really love that.

Holly Becker -- bedroom

SK: Can you share a bit more about your favorite decor trends from this year?

HB: I loved the metallic leathers, neon accents with neutrals, over-dyed carpets and raw wood in super modern Scandinavian-inspired rooms, the black and white trend that had a really edgy look to it, lots of attention to handmade things, chalkboard paint applied to entire walls, faux wood wallpapers, raw wooden tables and lots of ethnic influence and color. I think 2012 has been very inspiring!

SK: What current trends would you gladly say “good-bye” to?

HB: It’s more of a trend in thinking, but I wish we could all learn to save up again for the things that we really want versus buying something else because it’s on sale or cheap. I remember when I was a little kid and would save up for something; I appreciated it more and took better care of it after I bought it. I also kept it longer.

SK: As an expat living in Germany, what are some of the differences you see between European and American decor trends?

HB: I can’t speak for Europe because each country is so different, especially when it comes to design, but in Germany (where I live), people are a lot less influenced by interior design trends because there are very few known design gurus here. Honestly, when I look at the interior design section in any bookstore, most of the books are from foreign authors. We don’t have an equivalent to Martha or Oprah, and what home shows we do have are nothing like what we have in the states. It’s completely different, and as a result, people tend to do their own thing, and that can go either two ways — some are really creative or others just buy what is in the store and don’t put much thought into decorating and design as long as it’s functional. This is starting to change, but we really could use some design experts and leaders here when it comes to interior design, decorating and styling.

Holly Becker -- Living room

SK: Your first book, Decorate, is an international bestseller (congrats, by the way!). What does Decorate Workshop offer us that is different?

HB: I wanted to be the sole author this time around (my first title had a co-author). Since my goal was to use the same voice as I do on my blog Decor8: chatty and friendly, approachable and, most of all, encouraging. Also, I’m frequently asked what my process is when I approach a creative project, whether it be decorating, writing a book, teaching my workshops — even blogging. So, I sat down and gave it some thought and soon realized that before approaching any creative project, a person needs to be in touch with themselves and their feelings and needs first.

From there, having a game plan can help you to make progress towards your goal — whether it be to decorate a room or redecorate your entire home. Writing a book with steps felt right. I also thought about what was missing whenever I browsed decorating titles, and, for me, I sensed a need for a down-to-earth workbook. One that readers could use (and write inside of) for decorating and styling with heart, while guiding them through a practical process to break decorating into chunks, so projects are approachable. I also encourage readers to take some of the steps, leave the others behind (depending on where they are at in the process) and to mix the order if they’d like — and I guide them along the way through my book, but also, they can visit me daily on my blog, Decor8, for ideas and inspiration as they go along.

Holly Becker -- craft room

SK: Last year you shared your New Year’s design resolutions with us — which we loved by the way! Can you share any of your 2013 goals and resolutions with us?

HB: My focus in 2013 is taking more vitamin P — pampering! I will schedule regular massages and facials, jump back into a fitness routine, learn new recipes, splurge on some pretty dresses for my book tour in May (I’ll be in North America touring for Decorate Workshop, thanks to Chronicle Books) and do something new to my hair. I’ve been working with an amazing life coach for a month now, and she is teaching me valuable and effective ways to manage stress; part of my plan of action is to put myself first now and into 2013 so that then I can better give to others because I’ll be soon feeling my very best. What better resolution should we have, right?

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