How to choose a kitchen design style

Your kitchen speaks highly of your home and your style. Here are a few ideas to design your kitchen to your unique style.

modern white kitchen

Your home style

When choosing a kitchen style, examine the rooms that surround it so that you can keep your home in a good flow. Take whatever style that you have in your overall home decor scheme and carry it through to your kitchen for a coordinated look and feel. If you don’t have a style, then take the color scheme from your living room and bring it into the kitchen by harmonizing towels with throw pillows and an accent wall with the cupboards. If you have white walls, create a sophisticated white-on-white kitchen design. Synchronizing the style will make an easy transition from room to room and allow you to design your kitchen with colors that you know you already like.

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Your personal style

Looking for style outside of your home? Look at yourself! What clothes do you adore, what accessories do you love, and what hairstyle do you wear? If you like all things retro, search for a lime green refrigerator with like-colored appliances. If you’re a romantic kind of gal, then look for a scheme that will allow you to add a chandelier and a sexy faucet to the sink. Country girls may want to look into a French country inspired kitchen, while ladies who are keen on glam may adore black cabinets with plum accents.

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Your desired style

If you don’t have a style inside your home or want a style other than your wardrobe, search for the style that you desire. Become inspired by Google, Pinterest, home decor mags, Home Depot displays and SheKnows to find the look that you want. Create a board of favorites so you can see what style you are most attracted to. Do it yourself with the help of blogs or articles, or hire a contractor to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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