Choosing the right faucet for your bathroom

The sink is an essential location in the bathroom — one that all of your guests are bound to see. Here are a few ideas to choose a faucet that meets your bathroom needs.



The first item of consideration when choosing the right faucet for your bathroom is its functionality. What do you want your faucet to do for your bathroom? Is it purely for the purpose of having one, or would you like to enhance the look of your bathroom? Do you have young children or a lot of guests? Knowing what your faucet will be used for (outside of washing hands) will guide you when considering the other elements for your bathroom faucet.


hot and cold bathroom faucet

The bathroom faucet has received an upgrade in recent years. While traditional styles are still available, there are many additional options available to you today. There are now round, square, rectangular and even zigzag faucets. Choose the style of your bathroom faucet based on the style you are looking to achieve. Go conventional for a traditional bathroom, square for a modern look, round for a romantic setting or zigzag for a fun feeling while in the loo.

Looking for the perfect faucet for a children’s bathroom? Check out this hot- and cold-setting faucet from Home Depot ($125).


The finish of your faucet is essential to your bathroom’s style. Consider the style of hardware in your bathroom prior to choosing your faucet finish. If you are remodeling, then think of your bathroom’s color scheme. Dark colors go great with chrome, lighter colors coordinate wonderfully with nickel, and copper looks amazing with neutrals.

The sink

bathroom faucet

While the functionality, the style, and the finish of your faucet are all essential elements, the sink is of the utmost importance when choosing the right faucet for your bathroom, as you want the entire bathroom to flow together. If you have a traditional sink, a simple faucet will do the trick. However, if you’ve added a basin or a bowl, you may want to choose a faucet with a bit of a twist to enhance the sink’s unique style. A dark sink will look good with nickel or white, while a lighter shade will look better with a darker-finish faucet.

The Delta Cassidy (, $225) is the perfect faucet for a polished style in the bathroom.

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