Who won Design Star season 7?

Design Star season 7 contestants Britany Simon and Danielle Colding had one final opportunity to showcase their skills before a winner was crowned king (or in this case queen) of design and given an opportunity to host their own show on HGTV. See who won.

Who’s the next Design Star?
Britany and Danielle

The season started off with a talented pool of creative designers, but the selection was whittled down to the final two — Danielle Colding and Britany Simon. Design Star judges Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip and host David Bromstad were tasked with choosing not only the best designer, but the person most compelling to watch on TV.

Design Star Judges

Danielle Colding

“Shop this Room”

Danielle Colding

Danielle’s show concept was based around “shopping the room,” giving tips for how to select pieces and accessorize a space along the way.

 Danielle Colding's dining room

Danielle was challenged to design a space for a young, artistic family. This creative bunch needed storage, a space to get artsy and really liked mid-century modern style. Danielle had previously eliminated Design Star contestants Hilari Younger and Stanley Palmieri on her team to help her create the look.

Danielle Colding's living room

The judges applauded Danielle’s ability to meet the homeowners’ needs and give them a space that they genuinely seemed to love. Bromstad gave her props for repurposing great furniture pieces that the family already owned and working them into the new design saying, “When you have a blank slate and you keep nothing, to me that’s the easiest thing to do. But when you take something that they already have and put your own twist on it, that’s really tough.”

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Britany Simon

“Picture Perfect Space”

Britany Simon

With a background in photography and interior design, Britany wanted to create a show that captured both and her concept allowed her to highlight her own photography in the room.

Danielle's dining room

Britany worked with a family who wanted a chic, modern adult space still suitable for their young son. Lots of light and space to store the shoes in the entryway were priorities for the family as well as taking back the dining room which had been overwhelmed with their son’s toys. Mikel Welch and Rachel Kate were on hand to help her out and pick up accents on the go. Britany got to work photographing the family, snapping an adorable close-up of their son.

Dianelle's living room

Britany was a natural on camera and really fun to watch. Yip commented on Britany’s ability to design a space for TV saying, “You know how to design for television. You know what’s graphic; you know what’s going to read. I thought it was a huge success.” Bromstad also appreciated the fact that she got the husband involved in the design process instead of just allowing the wife to take charge.

Drumroll please

And the next design star is… Danielle Colding!

She consistently wowed judges throughout the season with her designs and her down-to-earth camera approach makes it easy to snag shopping tips for accessorizing a room.

Catch Danielle’s new show Shop this Room when it premieres on HGTV Saturday, Aug. 4 at 8 p.m.

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