Design Star season 7: Designer kitchens and magazine spread

Jul 6, 2012 at 11:20 a.m. ET

The six remaining designers were paired up and challenged by HGTV Magazine editor-in-chief Sara Peterson to create the ultimate designer kitchen. The prize? A feature in an upcoming issue of HGTV Magazine.

HGTV Design Star Season 7

Kitchen Cousin's John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino served as this week's guest judges along with designers Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip to determine which designer kitchen was worthy of a magazine spread. HGTV Magazine editor-in-chief Sara Peterson challenged the designers to "be adventurous with color" saying, "A colorful kitchen looks fantastic in photos." With color expert David Bromstad to serve as a mentor to the designers, let's see if they were able to create a photo-worthy kitchen design. The surprise kicker? A double elimination was at stake.

Since designer Danielle Colding was the winner of last week's Hollywood lounge challenge, not only did she get first dibs on her partner, she also got to select the other teams. She immediately set to work strategizing which designers shouldn't work together to give herself an advantage. Danielle selected Britany as her partner because of her photography background, which is a bit of a no-brainer when you're designing a room for a magazine shoot. Each team was given a Kohler sink to serve as design inspiration for the room.

Check out the designer (or, err, disaster?) kitchen results:

Danielle Colding & Britany Simon: Eclectic kitchen

Since it was a photography challenge, Britany set out to find pieces that would make a big impact on camera. The team wanted to create a "collected vibe" with unique pieces carried throughout the kitchen. Britany proved she was one tough cookie and didn't let a little bloody mishap with the drill keep her from accessorizing the space.

Guest judges Colaneri and Carrino were fans of how the team mixed a combination of old and new elements together and the eclectic design was a hit. The only real criticism was the picture frame backsplash that was close to the stove and would likely get ruined. Yip was a huge fan saying, "When I looked at your kitchen, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up." Does the design have the same effect on you?

Design Star season 7: chandelier in kitchen

Design Star season 7: Kitchen by Danielle Colding & Britany Simon

Design Star season 7:buffet

Hilari Younger & Stanley Palmieri: Bold color

Hilari was initially less than thrilled to receive the apron-front sink as the inspiration piece, but then realized it was simple, modern and easy to work with. She expressed concern that the team's design aesthetics would clash as "Stanley is a builder and he's an artist and my thing is Versace. Our design styles just don't work together," and the team immediately butted heads. The team ended up compromising by splitting up tasks — Stanley chose the blue paint color and Hilari picked the countertops.

Gorder said that the colors were "a risky move," and the judges gave a nod to their effort to go bold, but also said it felt like a "comic book." The SOUP typography sign and weird hand knobs didn't help the juvenile feel plaguing the room. As Yip described it, "there is so much going on in this kitchen, it's like this kitchen has ADD." Ouch!

Design Star season 7: Kitchen by Hilari Younger & Stanley Palmieri

Design Star season 7:Kitchen lighting

Design Star season 7: hands for door handles

Mikel Welch & Rachel Kate: Country kitchen

The team started with a country-styled sink adorned with chickens, onions and checks (oh my!) and decided to boldly embrace the theme head-on. They ditched their first wallpaper selection, which was a mustard-hued damask, and opted to go for toile — and toile they did. As Gorder described it "the wallpaper attacked the room." The Kitchen Cousins were less than thrilled with having wallpaper behind the stove which is not a practical option for a cooking backsplash. The judges dinged the team for going the obvious country route instead of incorporating a more contemporary twist.

Design Star season 7: country sink

Design Star season 7: Kitchen by Mikel Welch & Rachel Kate

Design Star season 7: Kitchen island

Ultimately, Danielle and Britany walked away as challenge winners and their eclectic kitchen design will be featured in an upcoming issue of HGTV Magazine. Mikel and Hilari will be joining them as the final four designers left in the show.

Stanley and Rachel's shows were canceled.

Tune in to Design Star next week as the final four show their camera skills as guests on The Talk with former Design Star winner Meg Caswell as guest judge.

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