Design Star season 7: Hollywood's 125th birthday bash

Jun 28, 2012 at 11:34 p.m. ET

Award-winning actress Marg Helgenberger served as guest judge on Tuesday's Design Star as designers created party lounges for an evening affair celebrating Hollywood's 125th birthday.

HGTV Design Star Season 7

See if you think they lived up to the task of creating celeb-worthy party hangouts.

Host David Bromstad tasked the seven remaining contestants with creating a party lounge inspired by an era in Hollywood movies for a swank party thrown by Hollywood's Chamber of Commerce. To add to the pressure, designers were asked to explain their designs in front of a crowd of partygoers, including special guest judge Marg Helgenberger. Check out which designers looked like rising stars and who got sent home. Plus, get the inside skinny on which designer impressed Bromstad the most.

Danielle Colding: Art Deco

Danielle Colding: Art Deco

The judges loved Danielle's Parisian-styled Art Deco lounge with its gray and black graphic floor, sculptured lamps and black-panther statue. Judge Genevieve Gorder praised her for softening up the style with a warm color palette of soft peaches and pink. Her beautiful design plus solid presentation of the space made Danielle this week's winner.

Rachel Kate: Victorian

Rachel Kate: Victorian

Instead of embracing a challenge, Rachel had mini panic attacks over pulling Victorian for her period (apparently the designer's least favorite style). She decided to do a modern spin on the stuffy style by incorporating bold colors and painting a pseudo-tufted pattern on the floor. While the judges appreciated her twist on the era, they thought the result was confusing and cheap looking. "The color palette is so off, it's like the Victorian version of Papa Smurf's house or something," said judge Vern Yip. The result put Rachel in the bottom two.

Mikel Welch: Mid-Century Contemporary

Michel Welch: Mid-Century Contemporary

Mikel's use of bold art on the center wall plus minimalist furnishings screamed Mid-Century Contemporary for his party lounge. While the judges weren't appalled by the space, Yip said that it seemed a bit incomplete. Gorder agreed saying, "I get the simplicity, however, it's just reading a little bit flat." We dug the minimalist vibe and red accents, but also found his design a bit safe.

Britany Simon: Hollywood Regency

Britany Simon: Hollywood Regency

We knew the stakes were raised when Britany pulled Hollywood Regency as her design era, considering she claims that as her personal design style. Plus, it looked a little bleak by midday on day two when Britany had yet to select any furniture for the space. Fortunately, at the last minute she scored a chic black-tufted leather sofa and matching set of chairs that fit perfectly. Gorder said she thought the result was "beautiful" and that it was one of "the best shows of accessorizing" they've had. Yip thought it was really smart for her to hang the floating panels to define the space. We loved the glamorous draping and gold accents. Overall, her lounge was a big hit and put her in the top three.

Hilari Younger: The '80s

Hilari Younger: The ‘80s

From the Mondrian pattern on the floor to the boom box-inspired side tables, Hilari's lounge gave a nod to every '80s trend she could think of. The judges loved the colors on the painted floor and styling of the space, but gave mixed reviews over her PVC-pipe walls — Gorder liked the open feel, while Yip wished she had created more privacy. Host David Bromstad told SheKnows, "To me the most successful design was Hilari's. I loved it. I thought she had the most challenging of the spaces and she killed it." While Bromstad would have crowned Hilari the winner, the judges saw things differently.

Kris Swift: The '70s

Kris Swift: The ‘70s

"The '70s to me in design brings to mind pure tragedy and pure brilliance," explained Kris about his design era. Did the judges find Kris' design tragic or brilliant? They liked Kris' vignette with the mirrored desk and typewriter, but had total issues with his space planning. "This feels like the replica of someone's basement that we would come over and change on one of our shows," said Gorder. Even Helgenberger said the space had a definite "basement vibe." Ouch! In the end, the result sent Kris packing his bags.

Stanley Palmieri: Futuristic

Stanley Palmieri: Futuristic

Stanley's party lounge had some hits and some misses. We thought the meteorite chairs (while totally impractical for a living room) were perfect for a Futuristic party lounge. Helgenberger liked them too and said they had "sort of a Blade Runner vibe." However, the judges hated the wood-layered coffee table Stanley built around a tall glass vase. Gorder thought it was extremely "phallic and vertical." (We'll let you insert your own joke here.) "It looks like it's going to hurt you," said Yip. In the end, Stanley garnered enough design hits to place him safely in the middle of the pack.

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