Ways to decorate with Instagram photos

Jul 3, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Have you fallen head-over-heels in love with Instagram? Do you have a phone full of photos you would love to show off but aren't sure what to do with them?


Try one of these unique ideas for transforming your Instagram photos into everything from pillows to drink coasters for decorating your home.

If you have already fallen in love with Instagram, chances are you have pages full of gorgeous photos waiting in your phone to be shown off. You could always share them on your favorite social media site or print them out yourself, but did you realize you could use them to decorate your home? Here are a few of the great products out there that will show off your photos and spruce up your decor at the same time.

Pillow from Stitchtagram

Pillow from Stitchtagram

Do you love a gorgeous throw pillow? Are you always searching for the perfect color combination to accent your furniture? Well Stitchtagram has the perfect solution. Just choose your favorite Instagram photos, and they will transform them into a beautiful pillow to display on your waiting couch.

Coasters from Coastergram

Coasters from Coastergram

How many sets of coasters have you gone through over the years? From clear plastic throwaways to crocheted squares, we all have our share of coaster sets that we either love or hate. Coastergrams are the latest and greatest in coasters. You can choose four Instagram photos from your collection, and they will craft them into coasters and ship them right to your door.

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Custom Instagram wall prints from A Little Photo Shoppe

Custom Instagram wall prints from A Little Photo Shoppe

We are all on a never-ending search for the perfect print. Why not use your own fabulous photos to cover your walls? You can order these custom wall prints for your bedroom, living room or any place in your home that could use a creative accent of your very own Instagram photos.

Baby’s first year poster from Paperfingers

Baby's first year poster from Paperfingers

OK, so you may have gone a little overboard on taking photos of your new bundle of joy during his or her first year. It's a shame to leave all those perfect shots sitting in your phone. Now you can pick as many as you can fit on one of these gorgeous poster-sized prints and have them made into a nursery-worthy display.

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Photo magnet puzzle from Bunchesofsquares

Everyone's coffee table has the typical arrangement… books, flowers or maybe a few collectibles. Why not be the first of your friends to have a custom magnet puzzle made of your favorite Instagram photo? Show off your photography skills as well as your impeccable eye for decorating with this unique accent to any coffee table.

Photo magnet puzzle from Bunchesofsquares

So start flipping through your photos now and narrow down your favorites. Pick the perfect product from this list, and you will have a personalized accent to your home arriving at your door step before you take another picture.

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