HGTV Design Star, Season 7

May 30, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. ET

The seventh season of HGTV Design Star premiered Tuesday, May 29 with super hottie David Bromstad as the host. Get a sneak peek at what's ahead this season and see which designers to watch.

Design Star season 7

Design Star is an opportunity for up-and-coming designers to showcase their innovative designs in a competition to earn their own show. The weekly challenges push designers to showcase their best work in short timeframes which result in both innovative designs and major disasters.

The contestants include an assortment of interior designers, contractors, stylists and artists, which totally leads to some cool collaborations, as well as passionate clashes between creative minds. Past winners include Meg Caswell (the reigning Design Star champ), Emily Henderson, Kim Myles, Antonio Ballatore and, of course, the original Design Star, David Bromstad.

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Bromstad returns as host for this season's competition with veteran judges Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip. Last night's episode featured TV personality Daisy Fuentes as the guest judge and you can expect to see the queen of the Kardashian clan Kris Jenner and Entertainment Tonight host Mark Steines in future episodes. We're especially excited to see '90s pop icon turned remodeling expert, Vanilla Ice on next week's episode. Bonus points go to the designer who is able to incorporate inspiration from "Ice Ice Baby" into the design.

In last night's season premiere, designers were paired up and given the task of designing a room in the house they'll be staying in. Results were mixed. While there were some notable looks in the room, there were some major flops too.

Off to a good start

Design Star: Danielle and Luca

Danielle and Luca

The big challenge of this great room was finding something for the walls to make it seem less massive. The team settled on a calming gray hue for the walls, adding molding and custom artwork for interest.

Design Star: Rachel and Hilari

Rachel and Hilari

Black-and-white neutrals ground this room while pops of color and a zebra rug keep it from being a snooze. The judge's main beef with the room was the massive molding around the tiny TV.


Design Star: Yuki and Stanley

Yuki and Stanley

No explanation really needs to be given for why this was the weakest room. From the crazy colors to the junkyard-esqe artwork, this space was a hot mess.

Yuki Northington was ultimately eliminated from the show, which totally stinks being the first one to go.

Over the next few weeks the competitors will be tackling design challenges in Los Angeles, including renovating a former chiropractor's office into the new Jenner Communications headquarters for the Kardashian crew and creating a Tinsel town-themed lounge for the 125th anniversary of Hollywood. You can tune into HGTV Design Star Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time/Pacific Time.

TEll us

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