Simple Easter place setting ideas

There’s a lot of pressure to have the perfect Easter table. It has to look as if you took a page right out of a magazine yet still fit within your budget.

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Dress up your table this Easter with these tips on how to create a simple Easter place setting.

Stack your plates

Let’s face it — when you stack plates of various sizes at your table, it just looks five-star. It doesn’t even matter if the plates are from a matching set (or if they’re the same shape!). Make sure they have some of the same colors and start stacking! If you can, opt for bright colors or pastels to give your table an Easter vibe. It’s a great way to make an average or mismatched set of dinnerware look stellar.

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Snazz up solid color plates with patterned napkins. Want to do it on the cheap instead of paying over $20 for a set of four? Make your own! Buy a piece of fabric that matches your plates and cut it into squares. No sewing necessary — leave the cut ends alone and let them fray for a slightly shabby but chic look. Fold them up and tie them with bows made from a small roll of ribbon.

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Place holders

Place cards are too boring for this festive occasion. Instead of the traditional route, mark everyone’s place with a personalized, colored egg. Before you dye the eggs, draw a monogram or write a name on each egg with a white crayon. The crayon will prevent that part of the egg from picking up the dye, so it will stay white. Dye the eggs in shades that match the rest of your table setting. Set the eggs on the plates, on top of napkins or in small wire nests you can pick up for cheap at most craft stores.

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Easter-themed centerpieces are fun and easy to create. You’ll need two vases of similar heights, but one needs to be much wider than the other. Fill the smaller vase with spring flowers and water, then set it inside the larger vase. Fill the space between the vases with colored eggs or jelly beans (or any Easter candy). If you have a longer table, consider placing a few of these down the center.

Decorate the chairs too!

Your chairs are a big part of your Easter table too. In fact, they’re often the first thing people see when they walk up to your table. Decorate the backs with big bows or little metal buckets filled with Easter candy.

Quick tip

Dress up your table with small pots of flowers. Keep them in the plastic pots from the store, but cover them in tissue paper or moss. After Easter plant them in your yard for a reminder of the holiday that will last all season long.

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