Trend alert: neon accessories

Neon colors made a splash at spring 2012 runway shows and now these electric hues are reaching home decor. See our picks for decorating with neon accessories at home.

Decorating with neon flowers

No, you’re not having a flashback to the ’80s — neon colors are officially back in vogue! While we started out seeing electrifying colors last year in fashion, neon design is taking off as a decorating trend this spring.

Tips for decorating with neon

Neutral + neon. When decorating with neons at home, keep the rest of the space neutral so that the colors pop and energize rather than overwhelm. Consider using white, black, or gray as a neutral backdrop to display accessories in vibrant neon shades.

Don’t overdo it. A little neon goes a long way. It might be tempting to pick up multiple highlighter shades, but consider just incorporating one or two neon accessories instead of making it your primary color scheme. If using neon in a print, maybe pick up one of the shades in another accent piece, like a vase.

Be prepared to experiment. If you tend to shy away from bold shades, consider using neon colors on small, inexpensive accessories before investing in a statement piece. Don’t be afraid to try it out. You could always return it or paint the item if you decide neon isn’t for you.

Shop the look: Neon decor

Neon flowers

Neon Flowers Duvet Cover,, $89

Neon Flowers duvet cover,, $89

Consider combining neon with another hot spring trend — floral prints. This cotton duvet cover has just enough highlighter hues to make it pop without being over the top.

Bright Bouquet Tray,, $75

Bright Bouquet tray,, $75

This neon flower tray would look stunning on a neutral coffee table. It’s also a stylish way to organize perfumes on a bathroom countertop or to corral office supplies on a desk.

Hot pink

Thonet chair,, $150

Thonet chair,, $150

Brave decorators can try using several of these bright pink chairs around a white dining room table, while those who are more cautious can use a single chair as an accent for a vanity table or desk.

Kontextur Blossom Shower Curtain,, $195

Kontextur Blossom shower curtain,, $195

Try pairing this eco-friendly blossom shower curtain with neutral gray walls or accessories. Pink and gray is a stylish color combination and the neutral tone allows the bright graphic to shine.

Electric green

Regeant headboard,, $670

Regeant headboard,, $670

The trellis pattern on this headboard feels modern, yet surprisingly not overwhelming in the bright kiwi shade. The green pairs nicely with brown as a neutral on the walls or bedding.

Utility pendant lamp,, $39.95

Utility pendant lamp,, $40

This chartreuse utility lamp is a fun design juxtaposition. The bright electric hue adds a modern twist to an otherwise old-school exposed industrial light.

Elegant orange

 Moroccan orange rug,, $63

Moroccan orange rug,, $63

A bright orange gets a decidedly chic spin when used in a Moroccan patterned rug. The gray puts a contemporary spin on the traditional pattern and keeps the color from going overboard.

Hampton bar cart,, $770

Hampton bar cart,, $770

The 1960s period drama Mad Men has brought a renewed interest in the cocktail hour. This orange bar cart is a subtle nod to the ’60s era, yet still look moderns in a present-day living room.

Highlighter yellow

Fluo salt & peper shaker set,, $95

Fluo salt & pepper shaker set,, $95

It’s best to attempt neon highlighter yellow in small doses. This electric color dazzles on saturated fluorescent shakers. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Neon yellow vase,, $4.95

Neon yellow vase,, $5

Jumping into the neon trend doesn’t have to be expensive. This plastic vase is a steal at only $5, making it a great option to test out a neon accessory without a big commitment.

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