The charm of a chaise lounge

Are you looking to add seating inside your home or in an outdoor area but are bored with the same old chairs and sofas? A chaise lounge just might be the answer to your decorating dilemma — and you’ll love how many styles, colors and designs are available!

Chaise lounge

Popular base materials for chaise lounges include wood, metal and wicker, while the coverings can be leather, suede, velvet or various other fabrics. Any color or pattern imaginable is out there; only your imagination limits your choices. For outdoor chaise lounges, weather-proof cushioning is available in fade-proof and water-resistant fabrics. You can also purchase covers for the entire piece of furniture if it stays outside year-round.

Because they are offered in both traditional and contemporary styles, chaise lounges are at home wherever you may want or need them to be. “Adding a chaise lounge can bring instant comfort to any space,” says Abbe Fenimore, a Dallas-based designer and owner of Studio Ten 25. “I love how they bring an open feel to a large grouping for entertaining in a living room, while also creating a cozy nook in the corner of your bedroom. The fact that they are so versatile make them a piece that is worth a second look.” You can use the piece as a focal point in a minimalist decor or as a complement to a furniture set in spaces where multiple seating is desired, such as in entertainment spaces.

Blake chaise

Product pick: Blake Chaise
(West Elm, $999 – $1,199)

The design of a chaise lounge presents the opportunity for extreme comfort, especially since many offer longer foot rests and built-in arm rests. Options may include adjustable back settings as well. You can stretch out your entire body while your head is still elevated, rather than lying down. Great for reading, watching television, or — my favorite — taking naps, a chaise lounge will quickly become your favorite place to relax. You might need more than one to avoid family arguments!

Yet another reason a chaise lounge is a great decor choice is that many styles are easily re-covered in a different fabric if you decide to change the style or color scheme of a room. There are also slipcovers available so you basically don’t have do anything except pick a new look and go the store — voila!

You can bring a romantic or cutting-edge contemporary look to your life with a simple furniture purchase: the chaise lounge. It’s also fun to mix up styles in the same room, and a chaise lounge can be draped with a throw or accented with pillows to bring in other elements and colors in the room. Who knew this time-tested piece could offer so much to so many? Try a chaise lounge, and chances are it will soon be your top pick for kicking back!

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