Playroom decorations to make with your kids

Feb 21, 2012 at 11:36 a.m. ET

When it comes to the playroom, it’s all about your kids, so why not use your child’s creations, accomplishments, photographs and even measurements to create a personalized play space? Involve your child in the process to create lasting memories and personalized decorations.

Little girl hanging artwork

Decorating with your child's growth

Hanging growth chart

The best way to track your child's growth is with a visual growth chart. We all know that the easiest way to create a growth chart is to mark the doorway to the playroom with a permanent marker. Mark your territory in your house with this style – just make sure you're staying put for a while.

Other growth charts can be made with a hanging canvas, vinyl wall decals or even by painting one wall of your playroom. Painting a growth chart on a wall is a great way to include your child in the decorating process and a perfect way to incorporate personality into the room. For example, paint a large tree on one wall and make the tree trunk the growth chart. The tree backdrop becomes a perfect reading area and the trunk then looks as if it has been carved each year with your child's measurements.


Don't worry if you child is older -- you can easily go back through your records from doctor check-ups or call your child's doctor office for your child's earlier height measurements. Then mark your growth chart with the measurements to catch up.

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Decorating with your child's photographs

Photographs are a simple way to decorate and personalize a playroom while tracking your child's growth and changes. Here are some simple, creative ways to display your child's photographs in a playroom.

Photo wall

Canvas prints: Stretched canvas prints are perfect for playrooms with little kids because there's no breakable glass. Sure they're still a little fragile, but if a ball (or other flying object) launches across the room and hits the print, it will not shatter or fall heavily to the ground.

Shadow-box frames: Shadow box frames quickly become a fun craft project for kids as they take a trip down memory lane. Create a shadow box with sports team memories, summer camp memories and school year memories or from activities and adventures from the past year.

Wall gallery: Just as you might create a picture wall in your family room, you can easily create a timeline of your child's growth with a picture wall in the playroom. Gather pictures from each year then let your child pick the ones that he or she wants to be framed and displayed.


Begin this decoration idea when your child is young: Frame handprints each year. This mixes in something unique with the framed pictures. Frame handprints and scatter (hangable) memorabilia throughout your wall gallery to incorporate even more memories.

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Decorating with your child's art

Little girl holding art

As your child brings his or her drawings home from school, place them in a large storage bin until you have filled the entire bin. Once the bin is full, you can create amazing playroom decorations with your child's art.

Homemade wallpaper is a great way to use your child's artwork and a fun way to personalize your play space. Using decoupage technique, glue your child's art on one wall of the room. If you prefer not to cover your home's wall in artwork, frame some of your favorite items and hang them side by side to see your child's progression as he or she gets older.

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