5 Signs it's time to move to a new home

Feb 20, 2012 at 4:38 a.m. ET

There are a lot of things you like about your home, but there are increasingly a lot of things you don't like about your home. Moving is a hassle, and you can't decide if you should stay or go. If you are experiencing any of the following, it's time to move.

Family moving into new house

You're stacking people three deep to a room

When you first got married, the two-bedroom floor plan seemed like a great idea. One room for you and your spouse, and one room for all his bachelor stuff you really didn't want scattered all over the house. (Not that you don't love the "beers from around the world" bottle collection.)  But now a few years later, your little brood has grown and you're stacking babies in every corner of that second bedroom. The constant bickering is enough to make you want to get a place of your own. Don't do that. All can cohabitate peacefully when each family member has separate corners.


Remember how hip and cool your neighborhood seemed when you moved in? You loved the college kids who sat out on their steps playing the guitar and the gang who played hacky-sack in the street. But that all sort of lost its charm when you moved in and started to wake up at 3 a.m. to the sound of the neighbors hurling in the bushes. Not cool. You're a grownup. It might be time to live where the other grownups live.

Remodel versus relocate

It's funny sometimes how older homes can go from shabby chic to just shabby. Now that orange countertop that seemed so retro and modern just looks like an old countertop in a bad color. The shower needs to be re-done and the floors have gotten so bad even the dog doesn't want to come inside. So then you start to dream about remodeling. And you probably get so caught up in the end result that you start to think this is actually a viable option. It's not. It's months of living in disorganized, sheetrock-dust covered filth and eating cardboard pizzas. Just save your money, your marriage and your sanity, and move into a new house already.

Your voice echoes in your home

Once your home was filled with the harmonious, melodic hum of a busy family. Now you ask your spouse where the keys to the car are and you hear your voice bounce off the walls like you're in some sort of sanatorium. The kids are gone, and their noisy friends with them. When did that happen? Hard to say, but it happened and now your way too big house is just a haunting reminder of your kids' absence. Time to downsize. The space will feel more practical, and the limited square footage will discourage adult children from moving back in with you.

You spend more time in your car than you do in your home

You got a great new job! Yay for you! Except, that "excellent opportunity" is three towns over. At the time you accepted the new job offer you were so wrapped up in the excitement of it all, you didn't realize sitting in the car for an hour each way is not so excellent. You still love the job, but you're not getting any younger -- and all that driving feels like a big fat waste of your time. Because it is. Take your life back and move closer to work.

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