Valentine’s Day decor

Whether you want to make your home festive for Valentine’s Day because you have kids or you’re simply a holiday decorating diva, we’re all about the V-day decor. Check out our ideas for Valentine’s Day decorating — we love these items from some of our favorite retailers.

Pink, red, white and hearts — it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Some people love to decorate for Cupid’s holiday because they have children, while others just love a good excuse to purchase a few festive decorations. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you add V-Day decor to your home.

Heart dessert dish

Heart dessert dish

Whether you’re entertaining your sweetie or want to make the day special for you kids, stop by Pottery Barn or hit the website for this cute set of two heart dessert dishes ($18) that will make the day a little more special. Set them out on the table with chocolates, serve berries with whipped cream in them or even use them as mini cereal bowls for the kiddos.

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3-D Hearts

3-D Hearts

Hang some V-Day love from your ceiling with these Valentine’s Day 3-D hearts from Target ($20). Shiny and three-dimensional, the festive hearts will look cute hanging above your dining room table or clustered near a tall window. You can go crazy and order a few packages for some serious Valentine’s Day decor.

Pink cylinder vases

Pink cylinder vases

We love Ikea for the reasonably priced items that you can use for a week or two, then tuck away in the cupboard until next year. For a romantic night with your beau, pick up this set of three pink cylinder vases ($13). If you prefer flowers over candles, use them as mini vases. As a bonus, they stack for storage!

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V-Day window clings

V-Day window clings

Window clings are a fun, inexpensive way to add kid-friendly Valentine’s Day decor to your home. Plus, they allow kids to actually do some of the decorating. And unlike glitter (shudder) and glue (scary), this is a mess-free Valentine’s Day “project.” Order inexpensive Valentine’s Day window clings online ($3) or pick up a set at the grocery store. They’re available everywhere.

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Red lion amaryllis bulb kit

Red Lion amaryllis bulb kit

Leave it to Restoration Hardware to offer a classy item that works perfectly for Valentine’s Day decor. The classic urn Red Lion amaryllis bulb kit ($27) allows you to grow a gorgeous flower, perfect for V-Day. Once the day of love has passed and the flower’s lifespan has passed as well, you can reuse the urn for another flower or a topiary.

Valentine's Day decor kit

Valentine’s Day decor kit

Whether you’re going for the cheese factor or you really want to show you’re serious about decorating for the day of love, Target has a 39-piece Valentine’s Day decor kit ($80). An abundance of banners, streamers and paper hearts can adorn any room in your home.

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