Best blooms and colors for a winter tablescape

Jan 17, 2012 at 11:45 a.m. ET

Although winter brings cold temperatures and dreary skies, it also brings natural beauty, like lacy snowflakes, crisp white snow and vibrant evergreens.

Winter tablescape
Photo credit: Richard Israel

Showcase these simple, elegant aspects of winter by creating a glistening tablescape with this season's most popular flowers, ferns and colors.

The key to creating a stunning winter-inspired tablescape is to keep it simple and fresh with seasonal flowers and ferns, fresh fruits and produce, soft winter colors and a fresh and natural design.

Choose seasonal flowers and ferns

Keep your centerpiece as fresh as possible by incorporating the natural colors and elements of this chilly season. Choose simple evergreen garlands and rustic pinecones and pair them with white calla lilies, carnations, Vendela roses or white tulips. Choose a bouquet of lily of the valley if you want a touch more natural greenery to your arrangement. Keep the bouquet simple and add small splashes of color by featuring lavender sweet peas or blue delphinium.

Incorporate winter colors

Move away from the holiday-specific reds, golds and bright greens and focus more on other winter colors, like crisp white, silver and gray, evergreen, shades of blue and soft pastel colors. Add a pop of color to a white and silver centerpiece by draping the table in a metallic blue tablecloth and using an all-white china set. For a more rustic look, use a cream-colored crochet table runner on a rectangular wooden dining room table and accent with square white plates and forest-green napkins.

Decorate with natural elements

Decorating winter tablescapes can be tricky because there's a fine line between elegant decor and looking like you haven't put away your holiday decorations. However, this doesn't mean you still can't decorate with pine garlands or ribbon. Keep the pine free of decorative accessories and use blue, brown or white ribbon instead of golds or reds. Another way to add some sparkle is by embellishing a pine cone with silver glitter and using it as a placecard. For a unique DIY napkin ring, tie a branch of fresh fern around the napkin and add a small flower bud.

Another easy way to incorporate natural elements is to feature branches and twigs in your centerpiece. Gather a few weathered branches and spray-paint them white. For a more rustic look, use a flat white spray and only spray one to two coats. Let dry completely, place in the center of your table and surround with metallic mercury glass. Add a pop of color to this rustic design by placing the branches around a basket of bright fresh fruit like oranges, pomegranates and pears.

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