Home decor that sparkles

Dec 1, 2011 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Whether you're decorating for the holidays or simply love the glitz of glitter, here are some simple ways to add sparkle to your home without going too gilded. 


Adding sparkle to your home doesn't mean scattering sequins everywhere. Glass, crystal, mirrors, mercury glass and even bright whites, silvers and golds can add reflection and sparkle to your room. Silver adds a cool, ice-like feel, while gold adds a warm, reflective shimmer.

Start small

Take a look around the room and pinpoint certain small items that you can swap easily for a more sparkly version, such as candleholders and picture frames. As with any home redesign, the key is starting small and moving slowly. Purchasing too many items at once can make a room feel very store-bought. Buying just a few items at a time as you come across them will give the room a more natural, eclectic feel.

Simple swaps

West Elm Sparkle Pillow
(West Elm, $44)


Changing out your pillows and throw blankets is a simple way to add glitter to your home without making the huge commitment that new window coverings and artwork require. You can save money by putting covers over your existing throw pillows, or splurge on new ones. The understated sparkle of this West Elm random sparkle pillow ($44) is a great start.

Mercury glass bud vases
(Pottery Barn, $16 for 2)


Glass is an incredibly simple way to add sparkle to your home, and the wide range of glass finishes means you can dial the glitz up or down depending on your mood. Standard, clear glass will give your room an airy, open feeling. Target's crystal table lamp ($60) gives just a hint of reflection -- great for your bedside table or end table. Pair it with a reflective white shade for lots of glitz, or keep it muted with a colored or textured shade.

For more sparkle, seek out mercury glass, which has a silver coating that reflects more light. For instance, check out the Pottery Barn mercury glass bud vases ($16 for 2) that SheKnows' Decorating Diva scouted out. Mercury glass wine stoppers from Etsy ($16) add sparkle to your kitchen, as well. Decorative mercury glass comes in other colors besides silver, too, and can add both sparkle and color to your room. Alternatively, milk glass has a matte, milky-white appearance and can add an opaque accent to a display of glass objects.

(Ikea, $40)


Crystals are making a big comeback in home decor. Crystal chandeliers are a staple in every home style, from Beverly Hills mansions to shabby-chic cottage rooms. We love this Ikea crystal chandelier for its simple, sparkly design and simple price tag (only $40). Crystals are easy to find at craft and party stores and are a simple, sparkly addition to bare branches, flower arrangements and ledges.

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