5 Tips for a sparkling-clean kitchen

Oct 25, 2011 at 4:59 a.m. ET

TV shows frequently do an oh-so-dreamy job of portraying orderly homes with nearly perfect kitchens. According to the experts we consulted, you can pull off a tidy kitchen day after day. Follow these five tips for a sparking-clean kitchen, and you may be convinced your kitchen is TV-ready.

tips for cleaning your kitchen

1Clutterless counters

"Keeping the kitchen clean can be a challenge," says Summer Gray, author of ReneRouge.co, a lifestyle blog. "One way to tackle that is to keep your counters free of clutter. The more you can keep inside the cabinets and hanging on the walls, the less messy your kitchen will feel."

2Keep countertop appliances clean

Cake batter on the mixer, stains on the coffeepot and crumbs on the toaster can put a real damper on your kitchen's appearance, so wipe them down frequently. Katie McManners offers a tip for making your dingy coffee pot like new: "Drop a denture-cleaning (fizzy) tablet in a coffeepot full of plain water. Let it sit overnight; clean with mild detergent in morning," she says. "It gets all the crud out."

3Clean the sink

It almost seems silly to clean the sink, but it really does add pizazz to the kitchen. "Wiping the stove down along with the countertops once a day keeps the germs and grime from building up," says Gray.

4Keep up with the fridge

The kitchen is all about the food, so it only makes sense that the refrigerator is high on the priority list. Laura McHolm, organizational expert and co-founder of NorthStar Moving, California's premier eco-luxury moving and storage company, suggests revamping the refrigerator by emptying and cleaning it out thoroughly with dish soap and water. "Leave the doors open so that it dries properly and remains fresh. She also suggests tossing old and expired food and placing baking soda in the fridge to keep it fresh. She also says not to forget the outside and recommends placing magnets and children's artwork on the side of your fridge rather than the front.

5Really make it sparkle

Pay attention to in the details. Wiping the refrigerator handle down, polishing the microwave and scraping dried food off the stove are all ways to keep the kitchen looking it finest. Kitchen windows, stove cabinet handles and counter tops will all benefit from a wipedown with appropriate cleaners –- and don't forget to use window cleaner on your faucet. You'll be guaranteed a gleaming kitchen.


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