5 Guest bathroom decor ideas

Need to add a little spirit and style to a guest bathroom? Small changes can spruce it up and make it a welcoming space for your guests with just an investment of a few hours of your time and some thoughtful and inexpensive luxuries.

how to decorate a guest bathroom


Frame out that builder’s-grade plain mirror with some inexpensive molding painted in a color that compliments the room, or replace it with a handy pivot mirror. Add a no-fog bath mirror to the shower area so your guests can shave while they bathe!

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Nothing dresses up the room like new sink fixtures. For around $50, you can update to a sleek style in brushed chrome or burnished bronze and give the whole room a fresh look. Add a new light fixture and the room is suddenly updated. Match your fixtures to new towel racks in a similar metal, or opt for luxury by installing a heated towel bar. Stepping out of the tub or shower to wrap up in a warm towel is bliss! Hardware for the vanity that coordinates and compliments the other finishes is a beautiful final touch. Drawer pulls and handles cost between $5 and $30 each, so you can add big impact for very little cost.


Fluffy new towels are a must! Have some artfully rolled towels on a rack or in a big basket– bath sheets and towels, hand towels and wash cloths. Turkish towels are a wonderful choice since they are especially soft and absorbent. Towels are a great opportunity to add pops of color to a neutral palate.

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Bring art into the room. Find some attractive prints and frame them for a longer wall in the bathroom. A grouping of three to five pieces makes a big impact and is visually stimulating in a smaller space. Instead of a boring bath mat, put some pattern on the floor with a small cotton area rug. A print or patterned rug is unexpected and stylish.


Add those touches that make guests feel welcome while bringing beauty to the room! Shop for sleek vanity accessories – lotion and soap pumps, a great matching soap dish, a streamlined and stylish waste basket. Wood accessories are wonderful, too. For a guest bathroom shower, add a teak corner shower seat or spa mat. Utilitarian in function, the beautiful teak brings a spa-feel to the room and looks better as it ages to a warm patina. Wicker baskets can hold guest-friendly items such as extra shampoo and conditioner, mouthwash, tissues and other necessities.

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