5 Furry furniture finds for the comfort seeker

Sep 13, 2011 at 7:45 p.m. ET

Could there be anything more indulgently relaxing than sinking into a couch that not only offers cushy comfort but also sends waves of pleasure through you as you run your fingers over the fabric? Though you probably don't want to decorate your home in full fur style, having one or two furry-fabric furnishings can give you instant comfort when you need to escape.

1Lumisource Furry Pod Chair

Perfect for the game room or kids room, this furry pod chair is not only super-comfy to sink into, it's a pleasure to cuddle up with, too. Featuring thick, shaggy faux-fur and a cozy padded mesh cushion, the chair also features a rounded bottom so you can recline into ultimate relaxation.

Lumisource Furry Pod Chair

$40, onlinexpressions.com

2Zebra Print JOE Loveseat

Instead of pining for an exotic pet to curl up with, put this animal print loveseat in your home. Available in zebra, cheetah, tiger, leopard, jaguar, and pony fabrics, this plush couch will have you coming home from work excited to curl up and daydream of a safari vacation where wild animals seem tame compared to your daily stresses.

Zebra Print JOE Loveseat

Starting at $600, FunkySofa.com

3Fur-Shade Stick Lamp

When your Persian cat is giving you the brush-off, run your hands around this fur-covered lamp. A shiny metal base rises to a lamp shade that can give you the warm fuzzies, especially when the light is on. While perhaps not as soothing as a purring feline, this lamp provides a few moments of comfort -- and we can use every minute we can get.

Fur Shade Stick Lamp

$30, Target.com

4Faux-Fur Shaggy Duvet

If you can't get enough cuddling with your pawed pals, wrap yourself up in this faux-fur shaggy duvet. Made with luxurious comfort in mind, the duvet's fabric has a natural luster and is irresistible to the touch -- you may find yourself sleeping on top of your bed instead of under the sheets. Available in queen and king sizes, the duvet comes with a pair of matching shams and free inserts.

Faux Fur Shaggy Duvet

$129, Decorinnovation.com

5Ecofo 'Bearskin' Rug

A bearskin rug may be all the rage for big game hunters, but for the animal-lovers among us, the Ecofo faux bearskin rug is the perfect alternative. Not only are these furry rugs luxurious to lie on or simply run your toes through, they're made of eco-friendly materials and come in a stylish selection of shapes, sizes, and authentic colors, from polar bear to grizzly bear.

Ecofo "Bearskin" Rug

Starting at $112, Ecofo.com

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